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    Afram City !

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    Stevenage v Grecians 2 Feb 21 MDT

    Fellow Grecians. Lets hope the lads bounce back in honour of Nicky Law - guess we have so many questions, what about these for starters :- Can Harry Kite become the 'new' Law ? Can Robbie Willmott start with a bang ? Is Joel Randall or Sam Stubbs fit enough to start ? Stay Safe & UTC
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    Can we afford to lose Ryan Bowman and Randell Williams in January ?

    Given recent resurgences by Ryan and Randell can we afford to lose either of them in the Jan 21 transfer window ? UTC
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    Premier League to assist lower leagues

    How best can the Premier League (PL) assist lower league (LL) clubs at these difficult times ? As a starter for 10 what about:- 1. PL clubs paying in full now outstanding payments from PPPA awards eg Ethan could generate us around £1 mill for his staged performance payments plus we get all of...
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    Covid Testing For City (CTFC)

    I know that we are due "Ollies Windfall' but, as it is not due as 'one lump', wonder if there is a need to dig into our pockets a little further to assist the club given that Matt Taylor has said in the E&E tonight that "he would rather him and his players were regularly tested - but the club...
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    Get Well Soon Mike 'Raddy' Radford

    Great to see that all at Exeter City are pleased to hear that club legend Mike 'Raddy' Radford has returned home after recent surgery and a period in hospital. Hope we can all wish the 'grandad' of our super Academy well in his recovery - "Probably the BEST Academy in the South West"...
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    Exeter City face 20 hour round trip !

    I'm horrified to learn from the Sun (see link below) that our boys will not be able to stay at a hotel overnight and will probably have to eat a takeaway on the hoof ! Surely the EFL should have thought about this when they set up the play offs and either made teams travel equidistance or...
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    Pitch in for City !

    Fellow Grecians I know that we all pay our fair share to support our Club but, given the state of our pitch at such a critical time of season, maybe we need to consider running a 'Pitch in for City' to improve our ground for next season no matter where we are ? Our 'pitch problem' is compounded...
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    Brex Exeter 2020

    With all fellow Grecians support we should aim for promotion this season. Please support the ONLY TRULY FAN OWNED CLUB in EFL with all your heart in the run in. ECFC needs you NOW ! UTC
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    What's the most Grecians have taken away ?

    Evening Fellow Grecians - apart from our Wembley experiences what's the most number of Grecians to travel to an away game ? UTC
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    Don't Let Our City Die !

    Fellow Grecians. If I have understood things correctly unless we have £ windfalls ECFC will be in a similar situation to 1995 or 2003 within 2 years or worse. In my opinion we all need to act now to prevent OUR Club falling into another abyss which could end up like Bury. Using the words of...