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  1. scholsey

    ECFC shop in the high street?

    Are we missing a trick as a club? Unfortunately I had the unpleasant job of having to spend 2 hours in town today with no drinking involved. Would a shop in the high street benefit us? Doesn’t have to be big, promote games, football in the community, junior grecians etc and general city...
  2. scholsey

    Train ticket and match ticket on the side block 104

    Got 1 train ticket and 1 match ticket available . Travelling up with us and sittting next to us. £90 for both (face value). 7:25am to Waterloo and In block 104 on the side. Will be drinking in the torch beforehand. Must travel with us as it’s a groupsave 4. Open return home.
  3. scholsey

    Two spare adult tickets

    2 SPARE ADULT TICKETS, in between 18 yard box and halfway line. BLOCK 124 row 26, face value, £50 each. Two friends unable to go.
  4. scholsey

    Come on flybe

    As usual sky TV have made it nice and easy and a perfect time for people to travel 6 hours on a Sunday evening. Come on flybe, put on a few planes. Where do I sign up. £80 return and I think people would fill it. UTC
  5. scholsey

    Season tickets

    Does anyone know when season tickets will become available for the 17/18 season? Last year it was mid march which is only 3 weeks away. Thinking about getting little man one who will be 4 this August. Hmmmm. Start them young 😎
  6. scholsey

    Spare ticket?

    Anyone have any spare? A relative is making a last minute trip down. He's after 1 adult and 2 children tickets for the big bank. Any help is appreciated. UTC
  7. scholsey

    Season Tickets 2016/2017

    When do details get released? ( I think march last year ? ) Early bird prices and all that. I see the Bin dippers walked out in the 77th minute against sunderland due to prices shortly being announced of big increases next season. I suppose we should accept any increase due to playing league...
  8. scholsey

    Liverpool vs Exeter LIVE on BT SPORT Wednesday 20th January

    BT have confirmed they will be changing their schedule and will be showing the game live on tv. Mentioned elsewhere but I thought this deserves its own thread in case people miss the announcement. UTC Brilliant news all round. Now let's stuff the bin dippers.
  9. scholsey

    Exeter vs Liverpool match day thread!

    Come on city! Not long to go now! First time doing a match day thread. 3-1 win please and Arsenal away next round! UTC!
  10. scholsey

    Tisdale has interview with Portsmouth

    On sky sports news confirmed!! Why would he have an interview if he wasn't wanting to move?
  11. scholsey

    The big bank

    Was F'ing dreadful yesterday! Not one song all game, well not one loud one that Newport would of heard! 12th man? Pffft geniunely heard more noise at torquy! More noise in the flybe too, at least we tried to sing a few. Sort it out!
  12. scholsey


    Work isn't to busy today so reflecting on smashing the scum at gnome park! Couple of my fav videos : The best video from a scummer's view of when nards scored and full time : I wanna go home ( after the jp game ) ...
  13. scholsey

    The TRUST'S donations for neil clark's funeral .....

    In the R.I.P thread for clarky, I said I would do a new post for donations. His funeral was Tuesday just gone. A few have mailed me for addresses etc. All donations will go to the trust in neils memory. Donations to be sent to Richard W Geggs & son, 47 Rolle street, Exmouth, EX8 2RS ( please...
  14. scholsey

    R.I.P Neil (nobby) Clark

    Neil passed away early this morning. For many of you that know him he was a true city fan, traveled to many away games and alot of home games. He was a top lad and had a heart of gold. R.I.P nobby He hated argyle with a passion (as many of us do) so tuesday is for you mate!!!
  15. scholsey

    Tom .......

    Your a f*cking legend, happy 18th boy, (can't remember the exact day), but what a bloody goal! Citys going up, going up, citys going up! Liverpool who? Bring on the scum, we 8 argyle! Tom your a true city lad, born and bred! P.s. had a few
  16. scholsey

    Exeter city fc.........

    Runners up of league one 2011/2012. Nardiello, city's top goal scorer and 3rd top goal scorer in the league. Bauzza to get player of the season. noble, dunne and sercs, stepping right up to the mark and smashing the likes of charlton, sheffield utd etc Just about to book up a hotel in reading...
  17. scholsey

    curo will be re-signing

    No contacts, heard nothing, just got a good feeling. That is all. ;)
  18. scholsey

    A reflection on last year

    A video which sums our 2010/2011 season up.... A video which shows our great support, city fans going MENTAL, in fine voice and the players celebrating. The personal bit which i also enjoyed is when argyle surged forward, seconds...
  19. scholsey

    The mighty ECFC's promotion odds

    33/1 for a top 3 finish. (automatic) 13/1 for promotion via playoffs/top three. Play offs is worth a shout? I put a tenner on west ham to win the championship (7/1) and city to get promoted via playoffs/ top three as an accumulater. Returns 1200ish (had a few to many to work it out) Come on...
  20. scholsey


    Sat here with a nice cold Stella with my ecfc badge on saying up yours argyle Not many scummers here atm, Come on city let's demolish them! One word for today..... buzzing! Come on you reds come on you reds!