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  1. Trapdoor

    Exeter City v Sutton United Matchday Thread

    OG..... Nombe still not scored LMAO
  2. Trapdoor

    Cous Cous is Rubbish - new episode of The Big Bank Theory podcast out now!

    The fact checking machine properly on the blink....
  3. Trapdoor

    Top 10 songs of all time.

    I simply dont know what to say about this song... Definitely not a family friendly track.
  4. Trapdoor

    Cous Cous is Rubbish - new episode of The Big Bank Theory podcast out now!

    trick is to melt butter into the dried cous cous in a saucepan before adding the water. then after that when you add the water add a stock cube. If you want to really go wild, add in chopped sun dried tomatoes and fresh herbs. I eat a lot of cous cous.
  5. Trapdoor

    Scunthorpe United V Exeter City MDT

    Razor looks half cut before he's even started drinking? Does he just wake up drunk from the day before?
  6. Trapdoor

    The National League (Conference) and non league football thread

    That is ridiculous for the conference. Why do we have to suffer the ignominy of Salford and Harrogate in the league when real clubs like this are languishing in non league?
  7. Trapdoor

    US Open Tennis 2021

    Raducanu went to my wifes school and my mother-in-law still works at the school. It's gonna be absolute pandemonium on monday morning with the media if she wins this game. Edit: it's also live on amazon prime if people have that.
  8. Trapdoor

    Scunthorpe United V Exeter City MDT

    Jevani seems like a bit of a lad, more than one reference to him liking a drink or two now. I doubt we will see him down Timepiece bar any time soon though, apparently his tipple of choice runs to three figures.
  9. Trapdoor

    Scunthorpe United V Exeter City MDT

    Well it's not an MJ hattrick but it's a lovely goal. Worked well by brown and nombe, key with the finish.
  10. Trapdoor

    Scunthorpe United V Exeter City MDT

    MJ hattrick?
  11. Trapdoor

    Welcome Sam Stubbs

    I wouldn't back him against Dobbin the 3 legged donkey...
  12. Trapdoor

    Automobiles : Good,Bad & the Ugly.

    I actually think the new electric mustang looks quite nice, you just have to imagine it's not a mustang but some standard Ford electric SUV. Why they labelled it as a mustang I have no idea, but apart from that it looks cool.
  13. Trapdoor

    Cricket 2021

    Magnificent 2-2 win for England. This series was never in doubt. ☔☔☔ 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
  14. Trapdoor

    Automobiles : Good,Bad & the Ugly.

    Talking of which, the new electric Mustang looks absolutely nothing like a Mustang. The first car I ever rented as a young man in 2006 was a Mustang. An unforgettable experience, even though it was the modern second gen shelby model not an original 70s classic. Had a race off the lights against...
  15. Trapdoor

    World Cup : Qatar Nov/Dec 2022.

    We are being a bit silly with the ball. Constantly running down dead ends for no purpose other than to tire ourselves out. Need a bit more brains and strategy.
  16. Trapdoor

    Cricket 2021

    It's all over(ton). With Root gone it's the victory lap for India I'm afraid.
  17. Trapdoor

    Cricket 2021

    That is absolutely unacceptable from Pope Bairstow and Ali. Shockingly poor.
  18. Trapdoor

    Cricket 2021

    It was a poor call from Hameed but he seemed a bit on his heels, as if he knew he was never making it.
  19. Trapdoor

    Cameron Dawson {signs on loan for Exeter!}

    Think Kane could still do a job in our reserves.