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    Tisdale to Real Madrid Thread

    Well, someone had to................ Could the guru commute...........
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    Hi When are the travel arrangements for the Mansfield away game likely to be posted? I will need to get the coach from Mansfield back to Bristol
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    Luton @ home (1st Nov)

    Hi Is there a group going by train from London for this? Looking to make use of groupsave or similar
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    Dorchester Town.....

    .......... are apparently in a mess financially despite last seasons FA Cup run. Anyone an inside track on how they have spaffed all that cash?
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    Northampton Town

    Has anyone ordered tickets yet? Are they unreserved seats? Do the club post tickets to exiles or do we have to get someone to collect them and remember to bring them?
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    Steve Carvell

    Played a friendly last night for Bishops Stortford and listed as ex-Exeter City? Any ideas?
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    Former Players

    The old former players thread seems to have been lost so I am starting a new one Just back from Wingate & Finchley where our ex-player Wayne O'Sullivan made two of the goals as they preserved their Ryman Premier status with a 3-2 win. Touch, awareness and set pieces befit a former Pro but he...
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    Telegraph Fantasy Football

    Can anyone tell me if FA Cup games count for TFF please. Guessing they dont and its just Barclays Premier Games Ta
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    Games on Xmas Eve

    Hi all It would appear there is a fixture list in Scotland for Saturday 24th December but not in England? Seems odd that we are happy to play on 31st when almost everyone goes out in the evening but not on 24th when presumably fewer people will? Anyway, does anyone know of any league in England...
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    Annual Renewal

    Hi I joined in July and paid for a year up front I now (Dec) have got a new card and paperwork. Does the trust therfore run Jan - Dec regardless of when you actually sign up?
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    1st Year Professionals

    Does anyone have an inside track on how our 1st year boys are getting on this year? See they play a lot of the reserve games but how do they do? Is Dan Western playing right back permanently now or was that to let Jake Thomson play right side? I guess they don’t need to play in the 1st team yet...
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    New Dugouts

    I see in the Echo article that Tisdale mentions the dugouts have moved and he wont be getting his feet dirty. Does this mean that the dugouts are to be in front of the Old Grandstand? How will this affect the view and has he done it to get away from the Doble moaners?
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    David Pleat

    I read that he was sacked or maybe just left Spurs the first time because of something in his private life becoming public. Anyone know what this was?
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    I like to keep an eye on ex-City players and how they do pst-City. Now this year has been easy with all our ex-players turning up at Truro City (City Reserves) or Torquay (City 'A'). But two I cant find are Reinier Moor and Jamie Mudge. Can any of you help. Ta
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    Highest League Position

    Looking to next year, and our 12th (??) season in the third tier, what is our highest ever league finish?
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    Truro City / Andy Taylor

    Afternoon Saw that an Andy Taylor played for Truro City in their midweek league clash with Cirencester. Can anyone confirm if this is indeed the Andy Taylor? Also now they are fielding Martin Rice, Marcus Martin, (Andy Taylor), Matt Bye, Dean Stamp, Barry McConnell, is the team with the...