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  1. journeyman

    Gulls field unregistered player Did you think that because nobody turned up it would go unnoticed?
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    Plymouthians are a strange bunch

    Strange by name, strange by nature:
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    Another one bites the dust: Parkinson sacked CHARLTON boss Phil Parkinson has been sacked following the 4-2 home defeat by Swindon yesterday. The South London Press understands that the Add*cks manager was told that he had been axed this morning. New owners Michael...
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    Guess the Ground Thread

    OK, not sure whether this has been done before on exeweb; basically, post a pic of a ground (we'll start with ones in England but when we run out then it can branch out), first one to guess correctly posts the next picture, and so on... The pictures can be old or new, and can be of grounds the...
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    KitKat advert

    Anybody remember the KitKat advert that was filmed at our game vs Millwall? Just seen it on TV and found it on youtube Not much on it apart from Steve Tully's appearance (and in fact a glimpe of Tis) and shots of the New Den. Nice to think we were...
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    Drunken Injuries

    Can't remember a thread on this so I'll start one myself. Any stories about injuries obtained while under the influence? I'll start. Was my birthday on Tuesday and got suitably leathered, fell over on the pavement and have a massive gash inbetween my nose and lip, which will leave a permanent...
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    Nuneaton Away

    Right, I'll put my foot in the water. Who's going to sunny Warwickshire for this one. Probably from me.
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    20 moments that shook the Big Bank

    Seeing how after Saturday's dismal result, half of exeweb seem to be moaning, and the other half seem to be moaning at people's moaning, I thought I'd compile a list of 20 examples showing how far we've come as a club since relegation in 2003, and why we shouldn't take for granted our position...
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    Snatch Wars

    Has anyone seen the internet genius that is Snatch Wars. "Meet Brick Vader, London's Lord of the Sith. The world of Guy Ritchie's Snatch and Star Wars collide on the Eastend of the Death Star. Goody gumdrops! Enjoy it or we'll cut your f**kin' jacobs off."...
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    Happy birthday... our very own Jon B (newburygrecian). Have a good un mate.
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    All shapes and sizes, I just love em Discuss
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    Ever considered a sub transfer-talk forum?

    I've noticed that something they do on other football club forums is have a seperate transfer talk/rumour/speculation sub-forum for the transfer windows, that way it sifts out a lot of the rubbish out of the main forum. This is particularly true for busier sites (I'm sure we can class exeweb as...
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    Seeing a band multiple times

    Right, something a bit more light hearted than this politics stuff. What is your view on seeing a band multiple times, not only throughout their career but multiple times on the same tour. Now the football season is over, I am now, like last year, looking for something to fulfil my love of...
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    Yay or Nay- Pie in the Sky

    Was watching American Pie 2 last night, thought this might be a good one- Michelle, that band playing dork was a definite goon in the movie but actually rather nice in real life. So, Alyson Hannigan, Yay or Nay? For the record, Nay in the movie, Yay really
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    Heysel 24 Years On

    24 Years today since the terrible disaster. Forget partisanship on this one, this thread is to remember the 32 Italians, four Belgians, two Frenchmen and one man from Northern Ireland who died at Heysel Stadium, Belgium on the 29th May 1985. In Memoria Rocco Acerra Bruno Balli Alfons Bos...
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    Favourite ever SJP stadium announcement

    Right, now the dull season has started we revert back to this kind of thread. I can remember two of my favourites: Weymouth (H) a few years ago, a Tuesday night game; 'please would Lisa Ambrosia make her way to the nearest steward' swiftly followed by 'Ooo Aarr It's Ambrosia'. Not bad Before...
  17. journeyman

    Teams we have never played competitively against

    There was a bit of talk recently about how we have never played Yeovil competitively because they entered the League at the point that we dropped out and we have never played them in the Cups, so this season will effectively be the first time. It got me wondering though, how many other League...
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    Yay Hired or Nay Fired?

    Kate Walsh from the Apprentice. Rather definite Yay
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    Worst Ever Kits

    Just racking my brains to think of the worst ever kits that teams have produced... Obviously our flecked one during the 90s kind of resembled some horrific interior design accident from Debenhams but I've also found a few contenders... Chelsea, mid 90s Mexico- goalkeeper though so it doesn't...
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    Steven Gerrard Arrested

    England and Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard has been arrested following an alleged assault. The incident happened at about 0230 GMT at a pub in Southport. Six men were detained later in a nearby street. The men, four from Huyton, one from Formby and one from Litherland, remain in police...