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    Premier U23s Cup - 2021/22

    Does anyone know if it'll be possible to attend the away game at West Ham (Rush Green)?
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    Barrow A.F.C. v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Few reminders who was in that particular squad please
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    Leyton Orient v Exeter City Matchday thread 14/08/2021 3pm KO

    The issue is that he did nothing for 6/7 years, was brilliant last year, presumably got a new new deal, and now is doing nothing again this year
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    Leyton Orient v Exeter City Matchday thread 14/08/2021 3pm KO

    You dont know what youve got til its gone People who have been watching Scumnage have all said how hes bossing their games and their midfield You need experience and you need leaders and you need people in central areas who know their jobs Jake did and should have been retained. I realise he...
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    Leyton Orient v Exeter City Matchday thread 14/08/2021 3pm KO

    Yet when Tisdale didnt shout, people also moaned. What do you want? I tell you what, a manager who does the right things at the right times. Times to be quiet, times to shout, times to be honest, times to help the players out, good recruitment that shows an understanding of the club and of the...
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    Leyton Orient v Exeter City Matchday thread 14/08/2021 3pm KO

    Its a terrible result but it is just one result so that must be put aside The issue is, as I tried to point out numerous times, the squad is too thin. Yes, we do great with our kids but keep putting squad lists on here and the website with 30 names on is daft. We have barely 11 players who are...
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    The "Red Shorts"? - Yay or Nay

    Obvious nay You might as well have put "Katie Hopkins - yay or nay" (I know that embarrassingly and sadly we cant do "those" yay or nay anymore) With Red and White shirts and socks you must have black shorts
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    Transfers in/outs 2020/21 and Retained list

    Hope they are. We need to sell where we can as you just dont know where the next Watkins, Grimes, Ampadu (or Key) is Always sell at the right price if you can. You're not telling me that we can't replace Key for a tenth of the money we'll get for him? Thats the model people - bring through...
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    Fans Forum Monday 26th

    The Forum or Stubbs............
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    Former Players

    Was he the winger who badly broke his leg scoring a goal before he joined us?
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    Former Players

    You'd think after Motherwell, FGR then Hearts he could have done better than that!!!!
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    Transfers in/outs 2020/21 and Retained list

    The problem with that is it looks like we have bundles of players but probably 10 on that list, maybe a couple more wont start a league game for us The list required is that which shows players of a L2 level who will start 10+ league games That'll show we are still desperately short
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    £100k scoreboard. Yay or Nay.

    £100k????? The most obvious nay ever!!!!!
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    New Number 10 - Sam Nombe

    Would make him our biggest ever buy surpassing Stockley at, I believe, £100k? Surely if that's the case, it should be disclosed?
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    Jack Arthur

    If we accept that before the first league game we will sign a No1 (Jokull maybe? Archie Mair maybe?) and that Harry Lee will sit on the bench with Scott Brown as cover for both, where is Jack Arthur's future and why did we sign him? Shouldnt it have been Lee or Arthur?
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    Barrow away - Tuesday 17th August

    Yep, planning too and stay with friends in Kendal but only if my team dont have a game that night 🤞🤞🤞
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    Transfers in/outs 2020/21 and Retained list

    Ok, fair comment with Seymour and the games and Dyer and his age but even if you include them, its very very thin. I just wanted to see it illustrated how thin!!!!
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    Transfers in/outs 2020/21 and Retained list

    Scott Brown is cover so ignore him Can someone with skills update the above to reflect how many actual players we have - so remove at least Arthur, Johnson, Pond, Diabate, Dyer, Veale, Iseguan and potentially Seymour.............
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    Transfers in/outs 2020/21 and Retained list

    Worryingly, I make that only 11/12 proper professionals on our books now (ignoring the kids who havent made an appearance in the First team and probably wont this year)
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    Transfers in/outs 2020/21 and Retained list

    That looks incredibly thin if you take out the kids who wont play more than 5 league games and we are only actaully now waiting on one to sign or not (Page)