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  1. Avening Posse

    Sydney Derby

    Wasn't sure where to put this so have stuck it on here. It's the Sydney Derby tonight. Judging by some of the people on my train (I'm not going, commuting home from work) they have definitely watched too much Green Street :unsure:
  2. Avening Posse

    Early odds on City

    BET365 currently showing 26:1 to win the league, 7:1 for promotion, and a very generous 3.75:1 to finish in the top 7. No doubt the odds will change as the season gets closer, but that top 7 number looks pretty good value to me
  3. Avening Posse


    Has anybody got a Hyundai Tucson ?, and if so, what are they like ?
  4. Avening Posse

    Accumulators - new season

    Picked up $96 for $5 bet yesterday with an accumulator on wins for City, Swindon, MK Dons and Bury, nice to get off to a winning start on the first day of the season
  5. Avening Posse

    Team for wembley

    I am expecting the same line up from the last match, what do others think ?. The media always go on about the "expansive" size of the pitch, but it is 105m x 69m, and St James is 104m x 64m. Maybe an argument for nippy guys like Wilson and Edwards out wide as 2.5m each side is a fair bit of...
  6. Avening Posse

    The match today

    What are people punting ?.......I have stuck 1 Oz dollar at 75-1 for a 2-2 draw with Stockley to score the first goal with Bet365
  7. Avening Posse

    Aussie Rules 2018

    The season is 7 games in now, so things are shaping up. Richmond are leading currently with West Coast Eagles (Stroudy ?) and Adelaide Crows (Isca ?) second and third. Sydney Swans kick off in about half an hour away to Hawthorn, should be good as it's been tipping down in Melbourne which always...
  8. Avening Posse

    Grand National

    Who's having a punt then ?, I know absolutely nothing about horse racing and this is the only horse rate I bet on, having a punt on Perfect Candidate each way........
  9. Avening Posse

    Crewe Alexandra vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Nobody fancied this one then ?, I think I have only started one of these before so hopefully it will bring some luck. I am expecting a fully attacking line up, with only 4 mainstream defenders, 2 central midfielders, 2 wide men and two strikers to crank things up a bit and win 6-0.........I am...
  10. Avening Posse

    Port Vale away

    I will be back in the UK briefly in Feb, and can take in the Wycombe home game and this one. Anyone else going Port Vale away ?
  11. Avening Posse

    Oyston and Blackpool

    A court has ruled Oyston must pay over 30m to a previous shareholder. That might just end the ongoing nightmare for the supporters up there.....
  12. Avening Posse

    Accumulators - new season

    Going to follow the Exeweb beat the bookies with the actual bookies for the 1st time this season, albeit with much lower amounts of money, so first accumulator with Paddy this year is wins for City, Luton and Port Vale. Got it up to in excess of 30k or thereabouts a couple of seasons back if I...
  13. Avening Posse

    Australian Rules Football

    Currently watching the Sydney Swans, it is half time and the Swans are massively ahead and on a really strong run where they have won 8 of their last 9 games. It will never ever replace watching City for someone like me, but it's really growing on me. The top flight has 18 teams, and 10 of them...
  14. Avening Posse

    Next season

    Bookies don't fancy us for next season. Might be worth a flutter on promotion. Best numbers currently with Betfred
  15. Avening Posse

    Team for Sunday ?

    What do we think ? Pym Stacey JMT Brown Woodman Wheeler Harley Taylor Holmes Watkins Reid I'd like to see Ampadu but seems unlikely (school etc) What do others think ?
  16. Avening Posse

    Orient away

    Happen to be working in London that day, big performance and result last year, clap clap from me
  17. Avening Posse

    Greens on saturday

    I see the greens are expecting a bumper crowd on saturday, and we all know what that means so lump on in a big way for a Pompey win :)
  18. Avening Posse

    New Stands

    Any greens out there wanting to discuss new stands today ?.....thought not !! (rofl)
  19. Avening Posse

    JMT and Holmes

    I saw the initial interview after the match with Tis saying it was too early to tell what the impact of the ankle injuries would be, I was just wondering if anybody has heard anything further on these guys ?
  20. Avening Posse

    Crewe Alexandra away

    Big clap, never been, 7 of us booking into a hotel in Chester on saturday night to celebrate being top of the table, only 25 mins on the train from Chester and an easy walk to the ground....