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  1. exeips

    Tisdale - Loving the challege of building a new team

    PAUL TISDALE says he is loving the challenge of building a team and creating a new chapter in the history of Exeter City after watching his young guns seal a superb 3-1 Devon derby win at Torquay United. The Grecians finished yesterday’s Plainmoor win with five homegrown players on the pitch...
  2. exeips

    Exeweb Fantasy Football League

    I've set up a new league for this season. EXEWEB league code 672489-410125
  3. exeips

    Matchday & Season Ticket Prices- How we compare in League 2

    Following on from Strongbows post on and the fact that I'm bored on a Saturday! I've gone on all the League 2 websites & looked at pricing for match day & current season ticket prices. I started it...
  4. exeips

    Pre Season Friendlies

    Now the seasons is over is there any rumours or whispers about who we might be playing during pre season or any tours that might be happening?
  5. exeips

    Oyster card or not?

    Are Oyster cards the way to go? Next week, we're off to London for the Wimbledon game. We're taking a coach up Thursday and will get into London in the afternoon. There will be me & 3 teenagers all over 16 so they will be an adult fare. In the past we've always got travel cards as it was easier...
  6. exeips

    City Foundation to close...

    I take it all the other Foundation members had their letter in the post yesterday saying that the club want to stop our locked season ticket prices & if we don't agree to replace it with something else they will close the Foundation? Must say I'm a bit ****** off with the letter. One of the...
  7. exeips

    todays the day when we signal to the rest of the Football world that Argyle are back

    According to the President...... Don't worry, their new hero Darren Purse will save them.
  8. exeips

    Spotlight -Major operation to prevent public disorder!

    I spoke to someone this morning who asked me if there was any fighting or trouble last night. I thought he was joking but he said Spotlights main feature last night was about the police keeping crowd order. So I watched the spotlight programme on the i-player & saw what he was talking about...
  9. exeips

    2011/12 player of the year?

    I thought someone else would have started this thread by now but who's everyone's money on to be player of the year for this coming season? Here's my thoughts: Winner, Scott Golbourne. I think Scott was excellent towards the end of last season & can see him becoming the complete player this...
  10. exeips

    Brentford Train Advice

    We're travelling up & back on the train to Brentford on 15th January. Our train leave Paddington back to Exeter at 19:06. According to trainline there is engineering works between Clapham & Richmond & the return journey from Brentford to Paddington would take 1 hour 52 minutes meaning the last...
  11. exeips

    Another Championship club in trouble?

    I see that Preston have been given a winding up order from the taxman.
  12. exeips

    One to Choose- John Terry edition.

    You can only choose one..... The wife? or the team mates girlfriend? The girlfriend for me.
  13. exeips

    Own up, which one of you Argyle fans is it?
  14. exeips

    Norwich sack their manager?

    Just seen this online. Seems a strange decision if true before tomorrows match.
  15. exeips

    Will Gill play on Saturday?

    It seems Matt Gill hasn't got off to the best of starts at Norwich. He was substituted early in the second half against Colchester on Saturday with some of their fans saying he looked out of his depth. Last night he was also substituted early in to the second half before Norwich went on to score...
  16. exeips

    Norwich Away!

    I don't know if anyone else is interested but Travelodge are doing £9 a room sale for November to the end of January. With a long journey up to Norwich me & the family have booked 2 nights at Ipswich for £18. Hopefully there won't be a change of date, snow or a mass outbreak of swine flu before...
  17. exeips

    Some key diary dates for next season.

    Key dates for the diary: 17th June: Fixtures announced (10am) 8th August: First league game 10th August (w/c): Carling Cup First Round 24th August (w/c): Carling Cup Second Round 31st August (w/c): Johnstone's Paint Trophy First Round 21st September (w/c): Carling Cup Third Round 5th October...
  18. exeips

    Jones linked to Ipswich?

    Seems Ipswich have been watching Paul Jones.
  19. exeips

    Give Gerrard a 3 game ban?

    O.K. I am going to play devils advocate here.... All season we've been seeing & hearing in the media from ex-players,commentators & fans alike about what to do with the increasing diving & cheating that's going on in football now. It seems that most people would like to see players get a ban...