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  1. journeyman

    Notts County

    She's a keeper
  2. journeyman

    Notts County

    I don't suppose anyone is (or knows of someone who is) driving down and back from Manchester or its environs for this? Need a lift badly!
  3. journeyman


    Well you either can't have been looking very hard or you can't have been sure what you're looking for. If you want the reaction of governments with majority Muslim populations, I suggest you peruse this page...
  4. journeyman


    Why do people continue to think this? Almost every Muslim leader I can think of has condemned it. As do almost all Muslims here and abroad. Why is there this pervading impression that these actions are somehow largely supported or tolerated?
  5. journeyman

    Stanno's Flybe Aircraft

    That's a pity, but it can't be on it forever. I was lucky enough to fly on it once to and from Belfast.
  6. journeyman

    Tisdale on the telly....

    ...whereas you give the outward impression that you have no idea what you're talking about.
  7. journeyman

    Any more news on Brazil?

    To be fair, that's mild if he's anything like the other residents of Arizona. At least he presumably knows where it is...
  8. journeyman

    There needs to be a Protest..

    Unlike you, who never puts anything in
  9. journeyman

    Brazil Deposits

    I spent three weeks in Brazil last year including Rio and it's absolutely fine. You've just got to use your common sense, like anywhere when you're on holiday. You're either a wuss who gets scared easily or you're deliberately misleading people as an attention-seeker.
  10. journeyman

    Islamist Terrorists

    Thanks Tavy, that definitely counterbalances some of the arguments we hear regularly. I remember hearing on a debate that it may have been a Gallup poll that proved the second one of those things, I'll have a look into it.
  11. journeyman

    Islamist Terrorists

    I actually very much agree with almost everything you've said but have you got any link/reference to the above point?
  12. journeyman

    Islamist Terrorists

    Redvee is the antithesis of this kind of scumbag, he's got the same words, just without the action, without the black skin or the Muslim faith.
  13. journeyman

    Luke McCormick

    And yet you presumably paid to watch Richard Duffy. What's the difference? Is it that Duffy is not a 'child killer' (not that I agree with the nomenclature)?
  14. journeyman

    Exeter City FC v Rochdale A.F.C. Matchday Thread

    Have you had a wee drink tonight Jay?
  15. journeyman

    A message for Paul Tisdale

    I agree with every word of Tis's post-match interview, we have to move on no matter how bad yesterday was (and it was bad). I'd have taken 3 wins from the next 3 games even if we lost yesterday and that's still the right course of action to take in my opinion.
  16. journeyman

    Will Matt Taylor get a rousing reception..

    Big difference between the home and away following, though...
  17. journeyman

    Yay or Nay for ladies and homosexual men

    I met Nick Knowles in a club in Southampton once. He was absolutely steaming, trying to pull anything that moved and then compounded his embarrassment by mistakenly walking into the Ladies' toilet.
  18. journeyman

    Ice Station Zebra....

    Yes I Oldham... But in all seriousness, I've been colder than that at MK Dons. Oldham has got the right conditions to make it cold; high altitude, wind blowing in off the moors etc...
  19. journeyman

    Chesterfield away - 7th Jan

    Looking forward to this, taking my missus (who is from Chesterfield) to her first ever football game. What better way than with a City win? Cmon you Reds