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    Our defence

    How has a Matt Taylor team got such a bad defence? We’re absolutely shocking at the back game in game out. To go away to Cheltenham and score 3 but still lose simply isn’t good enough. Unless we sort the defence out ASAP promotion is nothing more then a pipe dream. When Sweeney is your best...
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    The Pitch

    Tisdale's recent comments: The Grecians’ St James Park pitch has become heavy over the last month due to the wintery weather but, paying tribute to City estates manager Clive Pring for the job he does in making it playable, Tisdale says his side will have to make the best of things. He said...
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    Paul Tisdale / Roberto Martinez

    The similarities between Tisdale's recent years and Martinez's plight at Everton are remarkable. Interesting read on Martinez here. The article could quite easily be about Tisdale!
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    David Noble

    Anyone know what's up with him? Not in the squad today, so assume he is injured again?
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    Conor Clifford

    @SportsPeteO: Barnet, Crawley and Exeter are eyeing moves for former Southend midfielder Conor Clifford on a free transfer. #BarnetFC #ecfc #ctfc Same journalist that tweeted about Lee Holmes joining us.
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    Christian Ribeiro

    What's the reason for playing Riberio as a right sided centre half and Davies as a right wing back? Riberio is probably our best player going forward and is a natural right wing back. Surely Davies could have played cente midfield and Oakley be kept at the back? All three had terrible games...
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    Scott Bennett

    Apart from being a terrible footballer, appears he is no longer captain. Matt Oakley with the armband today.
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    Danny Coles

    Setting a great example on twitter tonight! Surely not something a 'proper chap' would say...? @Dannycoles6: @.... **** off ****! To a city fan, for implying he defended like Jagielka for city after Coles had dissed Jagielka.
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    Jamie Cureton or John O'Flynn?

    Why oh why did we offer O'Flynn a contract and make no effort to keep Cureton? Or if Cureton wouldn't accept O'Flynn's contract attempt to sign another striker? O'Flynn is bloody awful and has been for the majority of his time here. What does he offer us? And working hard isn't an attribute. I...
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    Tisdale's view of Saturday's game

    One comment from Tisdale's post match interview stood out for me, being: 'I think our game was basic at times and I will take any criticism of our play today'. From this it's almost like he was expecting people to be on his back because we were more direct and actually looked to get forward...
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    Why don't we pick up players like this? Local to the area, will be cheap and what have we got to loose? Would much rather sign someone like this than an old has been like Parkin!
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    I assume we are keeping last season's shirts? Plymouth have released their new shirts. I see they have badly copied our away kit.
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    Matt Taylor

    Come Tis, get on the phone! If only we could afford his wages....
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    Trust Member Numbers

    Is there anywhere I can find out the number of contributing trust members there have been in recent years? I think it will be interesting to see how rapidly this number falls going forward.
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    Tisdales appraisal

    Who takes Tisdales appraisal and what objectives was he given during his previous one? 1 point from 21 is terrible and questions need to be asked!
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    Commercial Managers

    Do we really have 5? Seems excessive!
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    Yes, we have 5/6 players out.... but is that an excuse for 1 point out of 18?? NO!! Tisdale refers to having no back up, maybe if we played entertaining football early in the season when we have a full squad the finances would have allowed for back up players to be signed?
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    Fans Forum

    When was the last time the club held an official fans forum to allow fans to ask questions to the clubs board and the management team?
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    Are We Interested?

    Do you think we are one of the clubs interested? Given our close links with Dorchester, if these two players are any good, I would hope we are one of the clubs leading the way. Somehow, I very much doubt it...
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    What's changed?

    The club and especially the team have lost all of its excitement and buzz. Back in the Conference days, even when we were on ****e form, there was an atmosphere around the place. It felt the players and management cared about the club nearly as much as we do. Yesterday was awful. The team...