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  1. GJW

    Glad we don’t.....

    ...share our pitch with a rugby team. Brentford’s lovely new stadium has a pitch with awful rugby markings and starting to muddy up and look pretty crap tonight.
  2. GJW

    Cheltenham v Exeter

    Potentially the first game for us in front of fans. Wonder what effect, if any, this will have on both teams. Looks like Cheltenham are trying to get just their ST holders in for this. No away fans for our boys.
  3. GJW

    Away programmes 20/21

    Not all clubs are producing hard copy programmes this season but below is a link to the Clubs that are, if you want a copy. So far Salford, Southend, Walsall, Bradford and Leyton Orient have links below. I believe Cheltenham will also be producing one, through their online Club Shop (link not up...
  4. GJW

    EFL Family Excellence Award

    Apparently we have won an award. 63 EFL Clubs have been awarded Family Excellence status for the 2019/20 season, reflecting continued commitment to attracting and engaging families and young fans. Gold Award Winners: Blackburn Rovers, Brentford, Cardiff City, Doncaster Rovers, Exeter City...
  5. GJW

    TdF 2020

    Only 4 British cyclists in it this year and I don’t believe any of them are GC contenders. Not sure who my money would be on this year, so looking forward to this with an open mind. Never been a lover of the sprint stages but hoping there are some memorable mountain stages with the GC contenders.
  6. GJW

    Football grounds - old, new and redevelopment news

    Everton release images of their new Stadium to be opened in 2023.
  7. GJW

    First live FA Cup game on BBC announced
  8. GJW

    Design flaws

    Just seen this pop up on my FB feed. How is the car supposed to get in the garage?
  9. GJW

    Programmes for the coming season

    Does anyone know if there will be ‘hard copy‘ programmes available for the BCD League and Cup games? Thanks
  10. GJW

    City odds 20/21

    William Hill offering 500/1 for City to win the FA Cup (interesting that Argyle were 750/1). Also 1000/1 to win the League Cup. Not seen the odds on the League yet.
  11. GJW

    50/50 draw

    I wonder if we could do an online draw for the games without fans and make the money this lot have.
  12. GJW

    Cycle for City If anyone is doing this and wants to complete the challenge in one or two cycles with other ECFC supporters (socially distanced, of course) let me know. Was thinking of doing...
  13. GJW

    All time average attendances - top 4 English divisions

    Stole this from another forum. How England’s top four divisions look based on all-time average attendance has been revealed and it’s got plenty of talking online. Stoke Sentinel have settled arguments about what makes a big club or otherwise for as long as there has been football, going as...
  14. GJW

    Hallelujah! A home at last.
  15. GJW

    Motherwell 1928 tour of South America

    Interesting article of Motherwell’s trip to play in Argentina and Brazil. Very similar to the Exeter 1914 story.
  16. GJW

    iFollow refund

    Just had an email to say there is a 19% refund for this last season being paid back in the next 28 days. I know it’s just under £9 but a nice gesture from the EFL that I was not expecting.
  17. GJW

    Football programme collectors

    Not sure where to put this but stumbled across it. Amazing to see how some people store their programmes and the space they need. impressed with the Man Utd fan, Pablo, on page 3. Are these people married with kids? Also, the space they need. Respect. Anyone got a more impressive museum set up...
  18. GJW

    Chiefs name change?

    Wasn’t aware of this story. They could just call themselves Exeter Rugby Club I suppose. Anyone in Exeter know any more about it? Looks like it just the branding rather than a name change. Might as well change the name because it is intrinsically linked to the branding...
  19. GJW

    Matt Taylor is still King

    As disappointed and completely gutted as I was after the game last night I can only reflect on the facts of where we are as a Club right now. This is his second season. Last season we just missed the play offs by 1 point. We accrued 70 points in all. Crowds were up on previous seasons. A new era...
  20. GJW

    Play off final TV room colours

    Making my Lounge Red and White, all ready for tomorrow’s game. Come on City!! Anyone else making an ECFC shrine for the game. Me and young GJW junior will watch the game with a bowl of nibbles and a beer for me.