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  1. DB9

    A Blatant Plug.....

    ......For my daughters book, If you have little ones or little Grand Children, Ages about 3-7 yrs and they like stories being read to them or reading themselves i'm recommending my daughters book, Its not a long book and has great, colurful illustrations, It is available online through Amazon...
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    Simple question, After 20 years and UK forces loss of life, Not forgetting other allied forces and cilvians who also died was it worth it?
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    Is Project 6000 and sustainability in L1 compatible with selling our "Gems"?

    Trying to move this conversation from the Transfer Rumour Thread to here. We know there is a real push to get us to L1 and stay there plus a real go at trying to get 6k into SJP every other week but what I'm asking is while we keep selling our Gems (Which is a policy of ours not to stand in a...
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    How much.....

    ......Was your first pay packet? ......Did you give your mum as "Keep" or Rent? ......Was your first Car/Motorbike? ......Was the Rent on your first place after leaving home? ......Was the price of your first home/mortgage?
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    Who will win in each division in the Play Offs?

    Simple question, Who do you think will come out winners from each division in the play offs?
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    GB News.

    Since its a bit quiet on here i thought I'd start a thread about this new news channel starting soon. Some have been condemming it before it has started for being too "Right Wing" when in fact we know nothing of its content, Some comparing it with Newsmax and OANN in the US when in fact by the...
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    Thank F**k 2020 is over, Happy New Year!

    We all know what a real crap year it's been, I hope and wish all Exewebbers a safe, better and Happy 2021. Happy New Year everyone!
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    Xmas Yes or No (5 to choose of sorts)

    Turkey Yes or No Christmas Pudding Yes or No Mince Pies Yes or No Sprouts Yes or No Christmas Cake Yes or No Bonus One: Queens Speech Yes or No
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    One to Choose (Sub Politics Thread USA Edition)

    Simple one to choose, Not who you want to win or reason why one is worse than the other etc or why one should win more than the other etc, Just choose who you think will win: Biden or Trump
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    Winter 20/21

    Looking out the window now the clocks have gone back One Hour, How do you think Winter 20/21 will be? Has your work or family winter get togethers like Halloween, Bonfire, Xmas, NYE's all been cancelled? It won't be like others but how, Especially if you have little ones will you try to make it...
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    Just 5 this time to choose, Fast food edition....

    McD's or Burger King French Fries or "Normal" Chips Domino's or Pizza hut Eat in or Take Out (Pre Covid Times) Thin Crust Pizza or Chicago Type Pizza. (Thick Crust)
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    More than five to choose, TV Edition. Part 2 (Stateside)

    Here's Part 2 for you to choose, This is mainly American TV, I remember as a child there were a lot of imported stuff to watch, Again, If you're too young ask your parents! Apologies if too many. The Waltons or Little House On The Prairie Banana Splits or HR Puffnstuff Tom & Jerry or Bugs...
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    More than five to choose, TV Edition. Part 1

    Please Note: If you're too young to know these choices, Ask your parents! BBC or Westward TV/TSW/Westcountry/Carlton/ITV (ITV in its different forms) Spotlight or Westward Diary/TSW Today/Westcountry Live Mark Tyler or Dick Woodacre Judi Spiers or Ruth Langsford Ian Stirling or Rodger Shaw...
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    Totally "What If" happens and worst case scenario

    I've been thinking with football not knowing when fans are going to be let in so clubs can some money (restricted attendences won't be a long term solution) With regards to our beloved City what if we have no money for an extended period of time and any Watkins money or other sold players sell...
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    On the ECFC website thread about the new lease being signed it says " Julian Tagg, club president and director of external affairs " I thought or he was Chairman of the Club, Is he not now and someone else is or have i got totaly confused? Genuine question. (y)
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    Teams we've not played.

    On another thread people are saying how away wins were in the past realy rare and it got me wondering, How many of the 91(90 this season) other teams in the PL/EFL have ECFC never played in a 1st team game? That includes FA, EFL Cup, EFL Trophy (Not including "B Teams") Also this doesn't...
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    2 week Self-Isolating

    If more and more of us have to self-isolate for say 14 days, How will the great Exewebbers fill their time? Other than trying not to fall out with family members
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    The Politics Thread..........

    ................Where's it gone?
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    Five to choose 1970's ish Part 3

    Corgi or Dinky toys Fab Lolly or Zoom Lolly Matchbox or Hotwheels Sherbert Dib Dab or Sherbert Fountain Beano or Dandy
  20. DB9

    Five to Choose 1970's Part 2

    Lyons Maid or Walls Bagpuss or Clangers Vespa Curry's or Findus Crispy Pancakes Granada Rentals or Radio Rentals (With Possibly DER) Blue Peter or Magpie