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  1. Mr Jinx

    Wagatha Christie - yay or yay?

    One to chose: Colleen or Rebekah For me it's a tough call, but on balance: Colleen
  2. Mr Jinx

    Fantasy football - ECFC league

    Just wondering if there's a City FF set up this season? If so, please let me know the code to join, thanks.
  3. Mr Jinx

    Fantasy Football

    Anyone doing an Exeter City Fantasy Footy League this year?
  4. Mr Jinx


    Just wondering...anyone out there been infected by Wannacry? If so, how do you think you got it?
  5. Mr Jinx

    Luton - pre-match boozer?

    I know this is a toughie, but what's the consensus?
  6. Mr Jinx

    Help required - getting rid of Sky TV

    OK, so I'm finally done with the not insignificant intravenous drip going from my bank account straight into Uncle Roop's pocket. I want to ditch Sky TV and am wondering the best way to go about it. I'd like to know the best way to get recordable HD Freeview channels at the minimum cost? How...
  7. Mr Jinx

    The 20 fiercest rivalries in English football He's got Hereford United v Shrewsbury Town & Chester v Wrexham in there, but no City vs Argyle!! Poor show dear boy.
  8. Mr Jinx

    CCTV car fines are history!

    Parking and other motoring fines (except speeding I guess) via CCTV and through the post are now a thing of the past. Thank you to the Tories and a victory for common sense. I've been a victim of these at least 5 times & £250 worth!
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  10. Mr Jinx

    JFK Assasination - 50 years on.

    I confess I've jumped on the conspiracy theory bandwagon in the past, but having watched yet another doco on it this week on National Geographic (JFK:The Lost Bullet) I'm wondering why I ever did. It's thought provoking and although the link to the missing bullet is a little spurious (i.e...
  11. Mr Jinx

    Ed vs the energy companies

    Now, I'm no big fan of the guy as you know. Neither am I one for meddling with the free market. But, all credit to Milliband for sticking up the Energy Companies and rubbishing their empty and pathetic threats of blackouts and the like. Banks have been the taget of many people's bile over the...
  12. Mr Jinx

    We're Saved!!!

    Well according to George Osborne anyway. And Labour have been proved wrong. Is this guy for real? I mean there are undoubtedly green shoots appearing, but it's still going to be a long long road out of this one. Or is anyone out there wholeheartedly in agreement with him?
  13. Mr Jinx

    Crime Figures

    ...are down to their lowest on record (since 1981). Is DNA, CCTV etc having an effect do you think, or are the figures just being fiddled better? What d'you reckon?
  14. Mr Jinx

    I predict a Riot... Stockholm?!?!? Well actually I didn't. Paris you can understand. London, of course, obviously. But Stockholm?!?!? 4 nights of it too!! What's going on?
  15. Mr Jinx

    Tisdale to become 3rd Longest Standing Manager...

    ...assuming Moyes takes over from Ferguson. Only Wenger and Pulis agead of him (and Pulis was only by a matter of days!) Wowzers.
  16. Mr Jinx

    Boston Bombings

    So homegrown or foreign do you reckon? I'm thinking probably the former.
  17. Mr Jinx

    North Korea

    So, what to do?
  18. Mr Jinx

    Last time you saw someone famous

    Can't find the old thread so I'll start another. Saw James May filming in a vintage Rolls yesterday in my lunch hour round the corner yesterday in Belgravia Square on my way past Thatcher's house to get sandwiches.
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    And so, according to the Graun, yesterday was benefits ground zero day. The world has come to an end apparently; all poor are being expunged onto the streets to starve and the NHS starts capitulating. Well I haven't seen any evidence of bedlam on my way to work this morning. The sun is still...
  20. Mr Jinx

    The Budget 2013

    OK, I'm done. Osborne's attempt to stoke up the housing market with government backed loans has lost the Tories my vote. I'll admit I was wavering after my MP (David Burrowes) wrote that letter suggesting that Huhne & Pryce had gotten off too lightly. But trying to prop up an already inflated...