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  1. barryfullalove

    Bryan Robson

    Haven't seen anything about this anywhere, Bryan Robson has had an operation to remove a cancerous tumour in his throat Broken on the same day that we hear about Abidal too.
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    When was the most recent time you got mugged? Mine was Saturday night, can you beat that?
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    Heads in sand Janners asking when the embargo will be lifted. They really don't seem to be grasping quite how desperate the team is for funds. FFS they can't even afford to pay the current squad, how on earth do they think that bringing in loan players is a...
  4. barryfullalove

    Missing person??

    Has anyone seen Porkus around recently? I'm getting worried that the poor old chap may have been trampled by the furious protestors on Saturday. If you're out there Porky, please give us a sign that you're okay.
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    Happy Birthday...

    ...exeweb, apparently. Assume this means Mr Exeweb rather than the site itself.
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    Come on, give us a post ;)
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    Getting excited

    I realised this morning that it's only a week until the start of the season! It seems like such a long time since the last game so I'm dying to get up there and see us playing on the new pitch. Hopefully this year won't be so tense, I don't think that I can handle another year that goes down to...