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  1. barryfullalove

    Question of the day

    I wholeheartedly agree, Jan.
  2. barryfullalove

    Lets have a Vote - My new user name

    He was being a snidy little tit and I'd grown tired of him pointing out my real name for about the 8th time (including a couple of threads that he started).
  3. barryfullalove

    Lets have a Vote - My new user name

    My post or your post?
  4. barryfullalove

    Bryan Robson

    It's funny how often great players fail to perform as managers, while mediocre players excel when they're in charge.
  5. barryfullalove

    Lets have a Vote - My new user name

    What f*cking tolerance? :D Not offended, just irritated, which is a fairly common occurance when that particular parasite posts (in any of his forms). Also it was on the Favourite Biscuit thread, the holiest of all Exeweb threads.
  6. barryfullalove

    Lets have a Vote - My new user name

    2. He told me to f-off, I reported the post, someone banned him.
  7. barryfullalove

    Little things that annoy you

    Whenever I see a man carrying a trombone I think "what if it was a rocket launcher". Trained killers.
  8. barryfullalove

    Who & When was the last time............

    With the way that a number of ticket inspectors seem to work, you're more likely to be asked for a ticket if you're in the lav than if you look them in the eye and say hello ;)
  9. barryfullalove

    Bryan Robson

    Haven't seen anything about this anywhere, Bryan Robson has had an operation to remove a cancerous tumour in his throat Broken on the same day that we hear about Abidal too.
  10. barryfullalove

    What song are You listening to Right Now???

    Chooooon. His death was one of the biggest losses to music IMO.
  11. barryfullalove

    Favourte Biscuit...

    We’ve got lo-fi, we’ve got tie-dye We’ve got grey and brown and black We’ve got stickers on guitars We’ve got a tape for Steve Lamacq We’ve got celibate lead singers We’ve got Sebadoh’s and Docs But what ain’t we got? We ain’t got mates From: Half Man Half Biscuit: Four Skinny Indie Kids -...
  12. barryfullalove

    the Japanese people

    What we do at Christmas is not panic buying to the extent that nothing is left. I have a friend in Tokyo and she said the shelves were completely bare.
  13. barryfullalove

    Nuclear Power

    I can never hear about Windscale without thinking of the Not The 9 O'Clock News sketch where they had an advert for Windscale Flakes and all the kids were glowing orange This one:
  14. barryfullalove


    Just a shame that the security of Chrome is **** poor and you probably don't even have your own liver because of it ;)
  15. barryfullalove

    Little things that annoy you

    The fact that they need 'faith' to do it in the first place?
  16. barryfullalove

    The Beer Lovers' Thread.

    Jesus Navas!
  17. barryfullalove

    Ben Hamer

    Jones was a liability, but I don't think that Hamer is any less sh*te. Okay he doesn't seem to make the balls ups, but I'm yet to see anything that makes me think he's anywhere near Jonah in terms of actually saving shots. All to often he fails to hold onto fairly simple efforts on goal.
  18. barryfullalove

    Question of the day

    Isn't that just a cull? :P
  19. barryfullalove


    Have you clicked 'go advanced'? Oh balls. Now I clicked that I've discovered that my paperclip is gone, what have you done with my paperclip?
  20. barryfullalove

    Argyle finances

    Not sure it's all rosy, according to this article (4th story down) there are secured creditors owed £5m. I'm no legal beagle but to me that says that they owe that £5m first by law. As football creditors won't be paid doesn't that mean that the FL will kick them out? They really better hope that...