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  1. student_grecian

    Reserves v Reading

    Anyone know when this game kicks off tomorrow? Our site says it is 2pm, Reading's site 7pm.
  2. student_grecian

    Phone Call from Sir Tis

    I just received a call from the great man urging me to come along to the Southend game. Guess I'd better not disappoint him!
  3. student_grecian

    Reserves v Swindon @ Hungerford

    Is this game still on tomorrow night? Is anyone going? I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Saunders but Saturday's game took care of that anyway!
  4. student_grecian

    Friendly tonight vs Reading

    I haven't seen any mention of this from our end but the Reading Evening Post says we are playing a behind-closed-doors friendly at their training ground tonight. Apparently it's to aid Graeme Murty's return from injury.
  5. student_grecian

    I used this site to book my hotel room in Darlington and thought I would mention it on here, not only becuase it is useful for finding hotels near the grounds we will be visiting this season but also they will donate a third of the commission they receive from the hotel to the club or supporters...