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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    Hope they haven't got third degree burns ! :unsure:
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    Wot, no Sturmey Archer 3 speed ? :unsure:
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    A trip to the Orient - Sat 14th August

    If not, maybe one of the flats in the corner will be available via Air b 'n' b ? :)
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    Fixtures for 2021/22

    Although Swindon could still find themselves in the Conference ! :)
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    TV Times

    Putting it in context, it was not that long after the tragedy caused by the escalator fire at nearby Kings Cross in November 1987. The ramifications of which resulted in major safety improvements and updating throughout the tube network.
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    New Away / 3rd kit for upcoming season?

    Anything but fecking black !
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    It is a completely different scenario. Back then Tis and the Club Board had just blown the budget in their vanity attempt to make a play for the Championship. They had even tried to make up the defecit they incured by using season ticket money destined for the following season to partially cover...
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    New Away / 3rd kit for upcoming season?

    Looking on the brightside it would seem that Matt Jay hasn't been sold (yet !) :cool:
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    Euro 2020 winner odds

    Please note that I did not criticise his football abilities one little bit. It's off the field where his problems lie, have you forgotten the Iceland hotel Covid bubble breaking incident already ? And when I hear of fatherhood being part of the making of him, it's a joke. The guy is totally...
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    Former Players

    He might have been a reasonable player many years ago, but has been dogged by injury problems ever since. I doubt very much that he will set the Conference "alight" for Les and his Mariners.
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    Euro 2021

    Are you Scottish or summat ? :unsure:
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    Odds & sods

    In the last match of the season 1963-64, the team arrived back at Exeter St Davids from Workington around 1pm on Sunday lunch time, having travelled all night. They weren't using sleeper carriages either !
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    The Pitch

    He would have needed a piggy back to get across it ! :p
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    music quiz redux

    You might wish to think that but I couldn't possibly comment ! :)
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    music quiz redux

    I am reminded of that Byrds song, summat about an "Old Chestnut" 'mare ! :unsure:
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    If this thread had four legs it would have been "put down" by now ! :(
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    Old MOTD & Big Match.

    Even after the passage 35 years, you have just spoilt my day Olds by posting that clip of the cheating count ! :mad:
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    Fixtures for 2021/22

    Which lads would those be ? :) :unsure:
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    Sadly the "late" TPC once of this parish has scuppered your plans already Andrew, by seemingly getting his "red card" from this forum. 😎
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    Little things that amuse you

    If you buy 5 litres instead, it will of course equate to roughly 1.1 gallons ! Here to help ! :)