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    Helicopter at SJP today

    By all accounts a helicopter landed at the ground today,anyone throw any light on this ?
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    New member of commercial team

    I see Chris Bentley,the former chiefs player and commercial chap has joined the commercial team as a consultant,so will this benefit the commercial operation and is it money being well spent ? He has a good track record with the commercial side at sandy park so what do people think ?
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    Pitchside attire

    What do people think our new man will wear at pitchside,fashionable or practical??
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    express and echo

    I see exeweb was mentioned in dispatches in the article about tisdale being criticised for this seasons performance overall.someone called ecf7 was pretty scathing and i think even peteusa got a mention! The letters were quite entertaining,if a little long,still i suppose its different strokes...