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  1. crocks

    Team for the first game back

    Assuming that the season restarts (maybe in June) and that everyone in the squad is fit; what would be the team including subs? Some interesting dilemmas.... My thoughts would be Maxted (my opinion is that Ward hasn't quite been the same since coming back from injury and Maxted has the ability...
  2. crocks

    Its in the stars

    So, City got promoted to League 1 last time after losing to a NW seaside town and then the following year beating a team beginning with the letter C. Just saying......
  3. crocks

    Goal Stats

    So, quite a phenomenal season for goal scoring with a total of 91 goals scored. You have to go back to the 2007/08 season to beat that total (101). Of the 91 goals, 33 were scored in the first half and 58 in the second with the 90+ minutes registering the most at 12 (not unsurprising). City were...
  4. crocks

    Travel to the Match

    I drove down from Swindon yesterday for the game and what a nightmare journey. Started off at 12 thinking that I would have plenty of time (normal journey time is 2 hours tops). I first hit queueing traffic just past Leigh Delamare and it took an hour just to get to the Bath turnoff. The M4/M5...
  5. crocks

    Goals or lack of them

    So, with one game left, City have scored just 50 goals. If they dont put 5 past Hartlepool on Saturday, it will be the lowest total for at least 8 seasons (my records dont go back any further than this). Defensively, and seems strange saying this given the personnel at the back (or some of the...
  6. crocks

    Eating Out in Exeter

    Coming down for the game on Saturday and staying over.....any recommendations for an evening meal in Exeter? Good food, good atmosphere, doesnt cost the earth!
  7. crocks

    Tubular Bells - 40 years anniversary

    For anyone that may be interested, there is a programme celebrating Tubular Bells tonight (BBC 4 @ 9pm). Seems like only yesterday.....
  8. crocks

    Paul Tisdale - A plea

    Mr Tisdale From the last two friendlies, it seems fairly clear on what the first choice 11 will be. With the exception of Dawson at RB (a forced change) the structure and make up of the team will change little from the side that performed so poorly at the end of last season. Only, for the start...
  9. crocks

    No immediate deals for Cureton and Oakley

    Unless some more cash magically appears:
  10. crocks

    End of Season Report

    Pick the bones out of this. What is interesting is all the stuff "between the lines", principally, no money!
  11. crocks

    Jamie Cureton

    No talks held yet for another season at City.....and he hasnt spoken to anyone else.
  12. crocks

    Exeter City AFC

    There is a brown sign on the corner of Polsloe Road and Heavitree Road (by the traffic lights) directing people to "Exeter City AFC". What does the "A" stand for?
  13. crocks

    Location Location

    Interesting programme last night following a TUFC coach looking for a new property in Torquay that needed sufficient space for the mother in law. The seacrh was not helped by the fact that husband and wife had completely different tastes in property. Obviously when the show was recorded, Buckle...
  14. crocks

    City shirts seen in unusual places

    ....about 10.30am yesterday (29th) by a chap walking down the main street in Bridgnorth!
  15. crocks

    Australia Bomb Hoax

    What a frightening experience for this young lady..... ......there are some seriously de-ranged people in this world.
  16. crocks

    Pre Season Surely thats what pre-season is for so that the team is "ticking" right from the off. You have to question why the first team have not had much of a work out in the PSFs. Sounds like they will be "under...
  17. crocks


    1542: FOOTBALL - Football League clubs have voted to reduce the number of substitutes that can be named on the teamsheet for matches in the Football League from seven to five. Tis will have to think more carefully now on who sits on the bench. ....apologies, just seen this on the main WoWs...
  18. crocks


    1406: FOOTBALL - Doncaster Rovers have extended the contract of midfielder James Coppinger until 2014 ...sensible move by Donny.
  19. crocks

    Shay Given

    In these times of over inflated transfer fees for under inflated talent, this seems a bit of a bargain: 1400: FOOTBALL - Aston Villa are on the verge of completing a £3.5m deal for Manchester City's Republic of Ireland goalkeeper Shay Given.
  20. crocks

    Brighton Humour

    Made I larf....