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    A Plea To Matt Taylor

    Put Ajose on the bench. If he is only 30% fit, he will offer something we havent got coming off the bench now.He knows where the goal is. Tonight was the case in point. All over Oldham with NOTHING in the box capable of scoring. I hate to say it but Seymour is not the answer.
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    I know this has been discussed on here, but as he was our "Big News" signing last season and has hardly featured, would it be unreasonable for someone on the media team to ask Taylor what the real story is? Other than the lame response "others are in front of him". Sometimes difficult questions...
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    Hoskins signs new 2 1/2year deal

    Sam Hoskins- Northampton ! Mind you, you never know what Tisdale has up his sleeve re our own Hoskins!
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    Strong liverpool Team?

    After Liverpools' defeat on Sunday, a top 4 spot is looking a tough proposition. Do you reckon Klopp will call on the big guns for our visit, as he might think the cups are their only shout this year ?
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    FAO local sports Journalists

    As with everything connected to ECFC, there seems a very laid back approach. Board/Management etc. It would seem that this approach is also taken by the local press. After every game(a loss) the question to Tisdale seems to be "your thoughts on the game please Paul" after the usual inane drivel...
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    Local Media

    Just a thought, Up and down the country when a Football Manager is experiencing a poor run of results(long before the results are disastrous), the local/national press start asking questions of the Board AND the Manager as to the safety of the Mangers employment status... I don't see the WMN or...