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  1. Snakebite

    Full page pop up ads on iphone

    I’ve noticed today when I visit a thread I keep getting a full page pop up advert appear that I then have to close to access the thread. Is this a new thing? It’s very annoying.
  2. Snakebite

    Trouble at the Forest Green Vegan village

    I hear from a FGR fan I know that all is not rosy in the garden of Nailsworth. Poor form coincides with a massive backlash against Dale Vince and the wooden white elephant stadium which has led to boycotts from fans and a lot of nasty namecalling on all sides. Loyal supporters who are upset at...
  3. Snakebite

    First world problems I've experienced today

    I left my lunch at home on the worktop this morning. And now the Costa cart at work has run out of bacon rolls. And I've left my phone charger in the car with 20% battery left. The humanity of it all, it's a wonder I'm still coping, it really is. What first world problems/disasters have you...
  4. Snakebite

    FlyBMI (NOT Flybe) gone to the wall

    Just heard they’ve gone in administration with all flights cancelled. Looks like a new sponsor for us next year, worrying times for all their staff. * ETA... looks like the Twitter sphere got confused, Sky News reports it’s actually FlyBMI
  5. Snakebite

    Why can’t we talk about Porky and the Herald nonsense?

    What filth does he have on this place that means the thread about The Herald was edited to death and then closed? He never seemed to mind having a go at people’s character or trawling for their details, all we’ve done is call him an idiot and comment on the stupidity of the incident. So why the...
  6. Snakebite

    Hiram Boateng take a bow

    The lad is utter class. No wonder the Palace fans were disappointed to lose him.
  7. Snakebite

    Judgement day is upon us. The official Blackpool v ECFC match day thread

    Roll up roll up, match day is here. Get those scarves and rattles ready and head up Olympic Way to determine our destiny for next season.
  8. Snakebite

    Which watering hole are you heading to pre-game?

    Where's everyone planning on heading to pre-game for a beer? We'll probably be stopping at West Hampstead for a pint first as that's where we swap from train to tube, but I'm not sure where to head to after. I seem to recall the Green Man being OK at the top of the hill but I'm not fancying the...
  9. Snakebite

    Is Tagg actually the problem at ECFC?

    There's currently 379 pages about Tisdale getting the chop on here but Tagg (and the rest of the board for that matter) seems to escape any major criticism. It seems to me that Tagg and the club board are the ones at fault here not so much Tisdale (of course he has his faults too), after all...
  10. Snakebite

    Eggball world cup

    Did anyone else get any tickets? I'm off to Australia v Uruguay at Villa Park and Canada v Romania at Leicester. Would have loved to have got some tickets for the big games but the cost is astronomical and I see people are voting with their wallets with tickets still available to some England...
  11. Snakebite

    The bloody tannoy

    It's still ****e. It's been ****e for as long as I can remember. Just how bloody hard can it be to get a tannoy to work clearly enough so the crowd can hear the announcements? Tinpot club. Anyone know if the club said how much it would cost to fix it?
  12. Snakebite

    Ticket price review...

    Well well well, ECFC management in nearly admitting they got the ticket prices wrong shocker.
  13. Snakebite

    Yay or nay #26A

    Ladies and gents, I give you Tulisa from some crap pop band or other.
  14. Snakebite

    Amazon local and football tickets

    I don't know if people are aware, but on Amazon there is now a local function where you can find deals close to you. On my local site Northampton Town regularly advertise deals on tickets for their matches. Does anyone know if this has been...
  15. Snakebite

    U21 Academy Gradings

    Can anyone explain how the grading levels are determined? I understand that City are cat 3 so don't play in a set league, but the cat 2 and cat 1's do play in U21 leagues. Clearly the U21 team at City is very good and capable of matching supposedly superior teams but is it possible/is there...
  16. Snakebite

    Rugby World Cup - Exeter to host 3 games

    So in something of a coup for the Chiefs I see they've bagged 3 games at the World Cup in 2015 including an Italy match. With planning permission in place to increase the ground capacity to 20k (?) it'll be an interesting time. Hoping to get some tickets to matches at Exeter and/or MK.
  17. Snakebite

    Crusties set up camp at Exeter Cathedral

    So a group of these 'Occupy' crusties have set up a camp at Exeter Cathedral to protest against the evil capitalist machine. Any chance someone local could go and give them a kick and tell the lazy f*ckers to get a job and do their bit to drag the country out of the doldrums? Many thanks etc etc.
  18. Snakebite

    Dear the nobber in Block I, Row H approx seat 15 of Doble Stand

    Do you really need to give a running bloody commentary to those around you throughout the whole game? Everybody can see what is happening on the pitch and from some of the inane rubbish that was falling out of your trap on Saturday it would appear they have more knowledge of the game than you as...
  19. Snakebite

    Watching the match in Beds/Herts?

    Just wondering if anyone in the Beds/Herts area is planning on meeting to watch the match on Weds? I'd travel into London, but it's a bit far on a school night these days!
  20. Snakebite - City get short changed again...

    Dear Sirs, I was browing through the new look thisisdevon website earlier today (looks bloody awful since the revamp, but I digress)... I noticed that on the sports tab they have Plymouth Argyle above City, and then the lazy journo's couldn't even be arsed to spell 'Chiefs' correctly...