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  1. Ash

    Exeter City v Leyton Orient official match day thread

    Sorry my record starting these lately is **** poor, however here goes anyway. I'm done being positive, can't take the disappointment anymore. Maybe that'll turn out to be the key and we'll put in a real performance come lunchtime. Here's hoping. I think this will finish 1-1. Surely we'll look...
  2. Ash

    Crawley v Exeter City match day thread

    So here we go, another big game and another vital 3 points at stake. We seem to have our mojo back after the drop off in form we had a few games back and on Tuesday's evidence, perhaps we can get through this Bowman-free period unscathed after all. Here's hoping! I'm so pleased for Ben after a...
  3. Ash

    Tickets for reduced capacity matches

    Does anyone know when tickets for games become available for gold members and how many tickets it's possible to buy? I got two for the trophy game last week and I wondered if it's possible to buy two or three for leagues, or if it's just one per member. Any help is appreciated as I can't find...
  4. Ash

    Walsall v Exeter City matchday thread

    Number three matchday thread started for me so far this season and I'm one and one. Not brilliant I guess, but the win was **that** game Vs Scum at SJP! I think we'll win this one and comfortably. I'd love to see MJ start but it probably won't happen. No matter who makes the cut, we'll have too...
  5. Ash

    WTF does Matt Jay have to do to get in the side???

    I think the thread title just about covers it really, but seriously, how can he be left out of the team on current form? I'd have in there over Law sometimes, or ahead of Lee Martin or Ajose up front. Why on earth KMT left MJ on the bench for the last two games, when we were desperate for a goal...
  6. Ash

    Bradford City v Exeter City official matchday thread

    Well my first one last weekend went alright, so here goes again........... City to make it back to back 4-0 wins to roar back to the top of the table. Come on boys!
  7. Ash

    Exeter City v Plymouth Argyle official matchday thread

    Ok, never started one of these but I'm feeling lucky and judging by our last couple of performances, luck is something we may need come 1pm!
  8. Ash

    Aaron Martin signs for.......

    Atletico Madrid. No wonder he hasn't been playing, staying fit for his big move, obvs.
  9. Ash

    Who's out of contract?

    Does anyone know which players are coming to the end of their contracts with us? I have a horrible feeling JMT might be one of them. Can anyone confirm?
  10. Ash

    Homer's injury

    Anyone heard about Robbie? Didn't look too good from where I sat today :(
  11. Ash

    Liam Sercombe takes up new media role with Fox Sports

    Our very own Liam Sercombe has been moonlighting for Fox Sports in their recent UFC coverage. He certainly sounded more insightful than he was in his E&E column!
  12. Ash

    Very kind results yesterday.

    The league 2 results were great today. No one down with us getting more than a point. A win today takes us 16th. And we're not at home so we have a chance!
  13. Ash

    Anyone need an under 23's ticket for the Argyle game tonight?

    Got a spare as my brother can't make it.
  14. Ash

    Anyone need an under 23's ticket for the Argyle game tonight?

    Looks like I've got a spare as one of my brothers has got to be somewhere else.
  15. Ash

    Tickets for Argyle JPT

    I've got to get tickets for 3 family members tomorrow as well as myself. Were all trust members and although I know all of their details, I don't have their priority numbers. Anyone know what I can do??? Thanks in advance!
  16. Ash

    Why didn't we go for Friend?

    Available, Proven, Local. Why not?
  17. Ash

    Surely we're not going to sell out our allocation of 3000...... are we?

    After learning that we have 3000 spaces at the DVS I was pretty relaxed about everyone getting in, but I've heard a few estimates of how many we might take up there that suggest I should be a bit worried. What does everyone think, will it be enough or not?