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  1. Moomin Grecian

    Andy Woodman

    For those old enough to remember the goalkeeping calamity, Andy Woodman from Terry Cooper’s final season with us, check out his interview on Under the Cosh: Really funny guy and he starts telling his tale from his time with us at about 32 minutes in. I was at both games when he got sent off...
  2. Moomin Grecian

    Team for Wembley?

    Maxted CB Sweeney CB Martin CB Moxey RWB Williams LWB Sparkes CM Atangana CM Collins Att CM Law CF Fisher CF Bowman
  3. Moomin Grecian

    What’s the most pain you’ve ever been in?

    A cheery subject I know but I’ve recently torn my ankle ligaments, which was painful enough, but later got an infection from a blister that appeared after over icing my ankle (I’m an idiot). The pain from the infection is off the scale, and has brought me to tears. Every time I stand up, it’s...
  4. Moomin Grecian

    Number 9 shirt

    Not sure if this has been discussed already but isn’t the number 9 shirt going to be used again from next season? I’m sure we retired it for 9 seasons when Stanno passed in 2010?
  5. Moomin Grecian

    New signing at 5pm

    According to our official Twitter
  6. Moomin Grecian

    The shake up XI thread

    MT said in his interview that perhaps some of the players have gotten too comfortable and I expect him to shake things up now. I’m think ahead to the next league game and would like to see something like the setup below: I’d go 4-3-3 ——————Pym———————— Sweeney - Martin - Brown - Moxey...
  7. Moomin Grecian

    Accrington Stanley prediction thread

    The latest huge game and Accrington can clinch promotion with a win. They’ve been on an amazing run and I don’t think anyone would have given them a chance of getting a playoff place, let alone win the league. That said, we’re In great form and who knows the occasion may get to Stanley. If you...
  8. Moomin Grecian

    Port Vale prediction thread

    They’re on a bad run and got drubbed at Cheltenham on Saturday. So will they roll over and be easy pickings or will we get a backlash? I assume there will be more changes for this game, perhaps either Woodman or TAH coming back into defence for Storey and perhaps Wilson will replace Sweeney...
  9. Moomin Grecian

    Lee Holmes?

    Anyone know what’s up with him? He’s been out since the Chesterfield game and I don’t recall hearing what sort of injury he has.... He’s a big miss for us and gives us some real versatility going forward, so really hope he’s back soon.
  10. Moomin Grecian

    Exeter City v Accrington Stanley matchday thread

    Not started one of these in ages. Let’s hope we turn up and get the three points. UTC
  11. Moomin Grecian

    Kyle Edwards signs on loan

    Signed another one from West Brom. This time 19 year old Kyle Edwards who's a winger/ forward. Random one really as we need a central midfielder more but he's described as very quick, so perhaps we wanted to include some pace since losing Watkins and Wheeler? Welcome Kyle...
  12. Moomin Grecian

    Exeter City vs Charlton Athletic prediction thread

    The league cup really is a bit of an annoyance nowadays so expect a few changes from both teams. Expect that Holmes and Harley will start plus we may decide to switch the defence a bit and use Croll or possibly TAH if he's able to walk tomorrow. Would be great if Moxey could make the bench at...
  13. Moomin Grecian

    The next 1931 player?

    So, from the pics of our training session, you can see that Sweeney is wearing the number 2 on his training top, so presumably we're going to be going for a new 1931 funded player this season? What type of experience should we be going for? Last season Sweeney came in as an inexperienced player...
  14. Moomin Grecian

    If you were on death row, what would you choose for your final meal?

    Hopefully this will never be a reality for any of us, but hypothetically what would you choose for your last ever meal should you find yourself on death row? For me, it would be: Starter: bucket of chicken wings with piri piri Main: Roast dinner with all the trimmings. I'd like my meats to...
  15. Moomin Grecian

    Exeter City Conference Call Came across this on YouTube the other day and hadn't seen it for years. It just shows how bad things really were at that time and how far the club has come since on and off the pitch. The players looked extremely unfit during pre season and go knows...
  16. Moomin Grecian

    Box sets

    What's your latest box set then? Recent ones from me are: 100 Code - really really good. It centres around an American cop who's trying to catch a serial killer with a very specific style. The same type of murders start happening in Sweden so he travels there to hook up with their police force...
  17. Moomin Grecian

    Official Exeter City vs Swindon Town matchday thread

    So hands up who's going tonight? I'm staying away to save myself for Saturday's feast. Anyway, it would be nice to get a win and bank some cash, as well as progress. UTC
  18. Moomin Grecian

    Exeter City v Cambridge Utd Prediction Thread

    Can't see another thread on this.... I'll go 2-1 City. Reid and Wheeler....Got to get a home league win some time!