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  1. arthur

    Football and dementia

    Now Gordon McQueen. Only 68..... This is getting serious (Apologies if this covered on another thread)
  2. arthur

    "If you want to play football, recruit footballers"

    Well worth a watch, especially if you're Matt Taylor
  3. arthur

    "Great" Western Railway

    I'm on the train to Swindon and using the GWR wifi. Its "filtering system" has blocked the Exeweb domain. Outrageous!
  4. arthur

    The Word on St James Road

    Something perhaps worth addressing... Walking up to partake of the delights of FECRACE and the Kennford Kitchen I passed two Northampton coaches which were stationary, empty and with their engines running. 25 minutes later, as I walked back towards the Stanno stand, one was still there, still...
  5. arthur

    Could we prosper in League 1

    Like a few other miserabilist souls, I'm slightly relieved we're not going up this year as I'm not sure we would enjoy League 1 very much at the moment. But I'm not so miserablist as to believe that we never could, and I dream of the time when we are an established League 1 club - i.e. we...
  6. arthur


    In the course if a debate about the breakaway of some Labour MPs on the Social Club forum, I quoted what Suzanne Moore had said in the Guardian. An Exewebber rebutted this by saying “Literally negative interest in what the Guardian's arch-transphobe has to say on anything.” I replied asking...
  7. arthur


    I went with an AFC Wimbledon supporter to watch them play at Brizzle Rovers last night. As at Crawley, the away fans had to buy a ticket from a booth with one person in it and then present it at the turnstile which seemed absurd. You would have thought BRFC would be aware there is a direct...
  8. arthur

    Lack of goals at home

    Seems like I chose a good day for my first visit to SJP this season (previous absence down to a variety of factors) – a fabulous and welcome victory and an instant 66% increase in total goals scored. A really bright first half was followed by a more typical second half – defensive...
  9. arthur

    fixture calendar

    I've been to the OS here and tried to paste their URL into my Google calendar. It doesn't work. Has anyone else tried it? Any advice?
  10. arthur

    Adrian Chiles removed from ITV

    What's going on here then?
  11. arthur

    Adrain Chiles removed from ITV

    What's going on here then?
  12. arthur

    Team for Saturday

    Time to end the cultured but ineffective centre back partnership. And perhaps give Christy a game.. Pym Ribiero Bennett JMT Woodman Oakley Noble Harley Wheeler Tom N Alex N Subs: Sercombe Butterfield Keohane Davies Hamon
  13. arthur

    Uncle helps out

    I see the player of the month is now being sponsored by a pawn shop. You couldn't make it up(swear)
  14. arthur

    Three Five Two (or 5 3 2 if you prefer)

    I've never been a fan if this, nor wingbacks. They have to be good enough to be a threat going forward and yet at the same time be trusted to effectively mark and tackle and opposing winger. Woodman does a passable job as did Tully on a good day. But I can't think of may players over recent...
  15. arthur


    Seems a pity to hide this away in the Former Players thread "Suitably encouraged, George Friend dribbled forward from left-back – think Roberto Carlos with dashing good looks and a Devonian accent – dodging a couple of markers before letting himself down by shooting tantalisingly wide. Boro’s...
  16. arthur

    Exeweb and mental illness

    This morning on WOWS I suggested that an employee of ECFC was "a broken man with mental health issues". The entire post was subsequently removed. Prior to its being removed Pete USA asked what I was alluding to and I explained. That post survived and Pete said "I have learned to be very...
  17. arthur

    A different fans owned experience

    Yesterday I found myself in a weird, parallel universe. In London, visiting friends, I was taken to Kingsmeadow to watch AFC Wimbledon play Newport. It was a bizarre experience. The equivalent of the big bank sang loudly throughout, going through a vast repertoire of songs, most of them...
  18. arthur

    What might have been

    An extract from an article in the Guardian "To lose six of your seven final games in a season (and draw the other) is unusual and very painful," Tisdale says. "A slump like that can breed a lot of negativity and I felt that the confidence around the place had been drained out of it. That needed...
  19. arthur

    A year of living horribly

    From the Spring Equinox 2013 to the Spring Equinox 2014 our league record has been: P44 W9 D12 L23 Goals for: 46 Goals against: 64 Goals for per game: 1.05 Goals against per game: 1.46 Points per game: 0.89 Has there ever been a twelve month period quite this bad? Has it ended?
  20. arthur

    After paying nigh on ten years of Trust subscriptions...

    ....if Tisdale is in charge on Saturday I'm cancelling my standing order. I suggest others do the same and maybe something will finally happen