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  1. globegrecian

    James Coppinger: 20 Years in the Game (BBC) Will always remember his volley in front of the BB in the defeat to the Turks, but he clearly wasn’t in the right place at that time.
  2. globegrecian

    Who Were The Isca Consortium?

    Given that the Trust model has come under fire as of late as being unsustainable, does anyone know who the Isca people were that wanted to take control of the club in 2002 (?) but lost out to Russel and Lewis *shudder*...? From the BBC...
  3. globegrecian

    The 30 vs the 3,000

    It seems to me that there are a few of us posting on here re Paul Tisdale, only about 30 voices on average to be honest versus the 3,000 who routinely turns up for home games. Therefore, the argument is that Exeweb represents a vocal minority. Yet I suspect that many of the remaining 2,970 pay...
  4. globegrecian

    Tisdale to Swansea

    Tisdale to Swansea (A part of the 'Tisdale to' Franchise) Grimeo will put in a good word for him...
  5. globegrecian

    Did We Really Make £1.75 Million..?

    Interesting listening to the message from Cambridge Utd following their FA Cup windfall (remember that?): Made me stop and think: has anything whatsoever been said by our lot following...
  6. globegrecian

    Steve Perryman in WMN The gist of the article is that we can make money from Argyle away (amongst other home fixtures). But surely we don't get any of the gate receipts for away League fixtures..?
  7. globegrecian

    Are We Missing The Obvious?

    Given that we are all 'once bitten twice shy' after our 2003 troubles, I feel it prudent to explore all avenues. It might appear to some outside observers that the board made a power grab at the same time as edging us closer to administration by taking out a £100,000 loan on top of the £60,000...
  8. globegrecian

    Dolan to be new Leeds Utd manager? Hope he gets it, a legend for what he did for us after relegation. I see Inglethorpe is still doing well, too. More evidence we had two good managers who put together an impressive...
  9. globegrecian

    Boycott Brazil

    We need to send a message loud and clear to the board that we have no interest in this vanity project whilst the club is in such a dire financial position. Any losses from this trip should be paid by those who organised it. No mugs, DVDs, shirts or anything else. The fans did not ask for this...
  10. globegrecian

    £100,000 PFA Loan

    According to Express and Echo (facepalm) Mods, forgive me if this is already in another thread
  11. globegrecian

    Flybe's New Livery...

    ... Is purple: So any chance of a purple away kit for our Conference travels next season? Loved the old purple Jewson kit, and the purple away days (although why pineapples were...
  12. globegrecian

    A Devon Derby Double Double?

    In a largely woeful and forgettable season, the wins over the Scum and the Yellow Basement Dwellers stand out as two fantastic wins. So when did we last do the Devon Derby Double Double? Now that we seem to have 'clicked' at long last (only five months ffs) then what are our chances? Frankly...
  13. globegrecian

    A Moaner Writes....

    Thoroughly deserved win, well done the team AND Tisdale. Can't believe we kept a clean sheet either. Now let's take this forward to Tues night and restore some pride after a dreadful winter
  14. globegrecian

    Was The Conference So Bad..?

    Bear with me on this one, but given we are seemingly on course to return there, were those 5 seasons so terrible? - we were a big club, and one of the best supported (indeed, weren't we the best attended one season?) - we spent the great majority of that time around the play-off zone or higher...
  15. globegrecian

    Longest Serving Manager in ECFC History

    Barring postponement, tomorrow night Paul Tisdale will become the longest serving manager in club history, surpassing the reign of Johnny Newman (377 games). Regardless of current feelings, that is quite some achievement in over a Century of City managers.
  16. globegrecian

    TWO Shots on Target???

    Oh my..! I can't wait for the feast of football that awaits us next Saturday, I mean, TWO shots on target!!! Lucky us...
  17. globegrecian

    Thank You 'Arry Redknapp

    No apologies for starting a new thread, I feel we should recognise that he has now brought three major* clubs to Exeter for PSF's, including the then FA Cup holders, and we have had some very good gates off of the back of this (5,000+ for Pompey). Thank you Harry, because precious few other big...
  18. globegrecian

    Football Mascots

    Anyone one listening to 5 Live this morning? Discussion about Prem clubs charging up to £500 for kiddies to be mascots:@ Anyway, they read out a text from 'Steve', who said: "I support Torquay Utd: we PAY the kids £500 and STILL can't get any mascots!" <guffaw!> I wonder who 'Steve' is? *-)...
  19. globegrecian

    Why Attendances Matter By Globegrecian

    Oh dear, poor old Paul Bungle has had his playing budget cut:-O Why? because the sorry old Turks can only pull in a home attendance equivalent to the numbers the mighty ECFC[ecfc] take to away games:$ What a sorry state of affairs for Devon's* 3rd team (*although we are in talks to see if...
  20. globegrecian

    Argyle Ive!

    You have been a stalwart on here since you came back from the 'wilderness'* * Janner-speak for having his phone and internet cut off Your posts always make me LOL:) especially your Barmy classics:D You are sorely missed tonight, and I really hope that you are not feeling...well...intimidated...