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  1. eurogrecian

    Sportslighting Devon St Lukes Challenge Cup 2019-20

    What's going on? They seem to have added an extra round to the competition, but there are quite afey byes ans walkovers. We seem to have already got past Gargoyle and Tavistock in the first two rounds without kicking a ball. Quarter final before 31 Jan
  2. eurogrecian

    PSF: Southend United

    Game kicks off this morning. From Sarfend twitterfeed SOUTHEND STARTING XI: Oxley, White, Kiernan, Lennon, Ralph, Milligan, Yearwood, Mantom, Robinson, Humphrys, Goodship. We will have half-time and full-time updates from the game across our social media channels and on the website, as well as...
  3. eurogrecian

    Half of PL clubs could play in empty stadiums and still make a pre-tax profit This sounds like El Dorado for the spivs who run big football these days. An end to annoying fans getting in the way. Already games are staged at ludicrous times taking no account of the trouble it causes to supporters trying to get there. Next stage...
  4. eurogrecian

    Wembley 2018

    Flights booked B-)
  5. eurogrecian

    Newport County vs Exeter City official match day thread

    Have never started one of these before, but as I’m an hour ahead of most of you... Easyjet and weather willing, I’ll be there. Up the City! Three points please
  6. eurogrecian

    Tis for England?!

    (Or Cameron)
  7. eurogrecian

    Westley contract not renewed

    In view of the situation at City, it will be interesting to see whether Stevenage are 'refreshed and evolve' after changing their manager. The Chairman hints that their gates do not provide the funds for a successful team. Is he blaming Westley for low attendances? Chairman Phil Wallace said...
  8. eurogrecian

    Gary Johnson to City?

    Only joking.
  9. eurogrecian

    Brazil trip - the verdict

    Now that it’s all over, it may be time to reflect on the Brazil trip. Firstly for the benefit of some on here who don’t appear to think the tour actually happened, a few stats on participation: PAYING Offical Tour Package: 110 Ticket Only Package: 48 Independents: 9 Club officials “paying for...
  10. eurogrecian

    Leaving the Trust

    Several people have mentioned recently that they are leaving the Trust. There is plenty to be said about how the Trust has conducted itself, but I cannot understand how abandoning it now will strengthen the voice of supporters or protect us from a hostile takeover from the sort of 'businessmen'...
  11. eurogrecian

    Newport (A) 15 March 2014

    Newport are trying to switch this to Sunday 15th to avoid a clash with the Wales-Scotland rugby international. Announcement expected very soon. Would be very welcome, as I have already bought my flight ticket to attend on the Saturday............
  12. eurogrecian

    Worst season ever… for Exeweb?

    Worst season ever… for Exeweb? Everybody is entitled to their views and Exeweb has always provided a bit of a social function for people who live behind their keyboards, but I don’t think I can remember a worse season for this forum. IIRC it started with a slating of John O’Flynn before he’d...
  13. eurogrecian

    Away shirt 2011/12

    Anybody know where I can buy one of these (mail order)? They do not seem to appear in the on-line shop on the City website.
  14. eurogrecian

    Fixtures in August

    When was the last time we played six games at home in the month of August (or indeed in any other month!). Hard on the pockets of the regulars.
  15. eurogrecian

    Devon Bowl 2011-12

    We got a bye in the first round and are away to Ivybridge Town in the second. Game to be played by 31 December.
  16. eurogrecian

    TV coverage 2010-11

    No City league games live on TV this season. Not sure of the financial awards but maybe that's no bad thing given the mess that moving the Brentford fixture in January caused. As usual, the TV people focus on the big time Charlies, regardless of the fact that several - Charlton, Sheff Wed -...
  17. eurogrecian

    The drop

    Although we can’t continue with last Saturday’s complacency, I’m confident that City won’t be involved in the relegation scrap, but after Saturday’s results things are certainly hotting up at the bottom of the table. Gargoyle are battling well, but I can’t see them escaping, however most of the...
  18. eurogrecian

    City hoolistats

    The Home Office just issued the hoolistats for season 2009-10. We don't come out so good. 6 Banning Orders made between 11/11/09 and 19/11/10 25 arrests last season (all at way games interestingly) - 7 for violent disorder, 6 for pitch invasion, 11 for drunkenness and 1 for "property...
  19. eurogrecian

    Westinsure St Luke's Cup/Debbon Bowl

    The draw is out. We've got a bye in the first round and away to the mighty Willand Rovers in Round 2. In recent years this round hasn't taken place until February or March.
  20. eurogrecian

    Crowd at Conference Play-Off Final

    I see that Oxford and York could only muster 38,957 at Wembley yesterday. Makes our 42,511 in May 2008 look pretty good (and the 30,000 we took ourselves the year before even better!) I suppose a Luton final next year would draw a big crowd, but otherwise maybe our record will stand for some time?