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  1. The Proper Chap

    Your favourite healthy snack..

    Name it !
  2. The Proper Chap

    Romesh Ranganathan

    Why is this chap dominating TV so much at the moment ?? I don't find him funny however I do find him rather annoying !!
  3. The Proper Chap

    Exeter City v Bolton Wanderers - 12th Jan 2021 - Team Selection

    What would your team be ?
  4. The Proper Chap

    Lockdowns - What do you like about them ???

  5. The Proper Chap

    Paul Tisdale - Ex-Bristol Rovers Manager

    Just announced.
  6. The Proper Chap

    Yay or Nay ....... No 2786561

    I give you BBC Spotlight presenter Victoria Graham. Alistair loves these so I thought I would rack one up for him !
  7. The Proper Chap

    Ryan Seager

    Apparently we are keeping tabs on this lad. He currently plays for Hungerford Town.
  8. The Proper Chap

    Ryan Bowman.....

    Would you start him ? Yes or no ?
  9. The Proper Chap

    Pastimes during lockdown.....

    Anyone fancy a game:
  10. The Proper Chap

    Paul Tisdale's Website - His Time At ECFC

    Courtesy of In 2006 Paul became the new manager of Exeter City FC. A club fresh out of CVA, Exeter City had recently been procured by its own supporters - The Supporters Trust. The immediate challenge was promotion back to the EFL but the vision was far greater. In the...
  11. The Proper Chap

    Set pieces (attacking).......

    Why does Randell Williams still take most of our set pieces ? Of our regular starters I would have Page on them, another great option would be Sparkes however he isn't playing. Williams quality is generally so poor and unreliable, why does Taylor stick with him on dead balls ?? I don't get it.
  12. The Proper Chap

    Southend United V Exeter City FC Matchday thread - 10 / 10 / 2020

    Here we go. Bowjangles will bag a double today, you heard it here first.
  13. The Proper Chap

    The Finance Thread....

    I'll get the ball rolling: House prices - With furlough coming to an end very soon what do people think is going to happen to the housing market and house prices. Estate agents keep banging on about how busy they are however is this a mini boom before some kind of bust or will the stamp duty...
  14. The Proper Chap

    Josh Key...

    This lad is the real deal. Say no more.
  15. The Proper Chap

    Job protection plans / Furlough scheme....

    Some news will be coming on this very shortly. What is your view ?
  16. The Proper Chap

    Spine of our team this season.......

    Question marks over: Centre backs, jury is out on McCardle, Dean has some decent attributes however I think he would be better as a holding midfielder, as a centre back he isn't quick, he isn't big or great in the air, his main assets are his passing and composure. Could he do the job Collins...
  17. The Proper Chap

    The BBC

    Let's be honest, the BBC is a fooking joke. They are continually moaning about a lack of cash yet Lineker is still on not far off 2 million despite a pay cut, he recently signed a 5 year contract, WTF. His mate Shearer is on nearly 400k despite offering next to nothing. I've never met anyone...
  18. The Proper Chap


    Not sightings of him for around six months !
  19. The Proper Chap

    How many alcoholic units are you downing in an average week ?

    The pandemic has probably had an impact on drinking habits, some will be drinking more, others less. Where are you at ?
  20. The Proper Chap

    Matt Taylor - 2 Years As ECFC Manager...

    What are your thoughts so far ?