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  1. ramone

    nasa launch forgot about this today
  2. ramone

    Exeter City F.C. V Hartlepool F.A. CUP discussion thread

    With tonight's win behind us we progress to Hartlepool at Home. Bit of a long drag down for them but as normal hoping for a City win and on to a bit more money in the coffers. UTC
  3. ramone

    Bulgaria V England

    Seems to be more about the racist's off the pitch than the 0-4 at half time. When are UEFA actually going to give a proper fine out or ban some of the more risky teams ?
  4. ramone

    The death penalty !

    OK so we all know if this was reinstated it could possibly mean someone be sentenced and killed wrongfully but in light of this woman who killed 2 young girls for little no more reason than it interfered with her social life isn't it time for the ultimate deterrent be brought back in cases like...
  5. ramone

    Brett Huxtable you really are a class 1 Kcirp

    Every time we end up with this clown on our pitch we end up with either a point or nothing at all. Cant the club ask for this idiot to not referee our games ? The Torrington fool strikes again today and yet when this clown ref's a scummer game they seems to win via dubious calls or an...
  6. ramone

    This cant be right surely ?

    Those kind gentle guardians of peace and tranquillity down at the Theatre of Screams ! Yeah I know its the erald and takes ages to watch a video clip but its worth it in the end.
  7. ramone

    Pre season friendlies ?

    Suppose they may be a bit sparse with PSF at SJP this year given they still have a load of work to do on the new stand / away end and the pitch being given a bit of a makeover. So who grounds would we like to see this year ?
  8. ramone

    Army V Navy rugby 2018

    Beware the UK will go to the highest state of readiness this weekend due to the Royal Navy and British Army participating in the annual drinking contest (cleverly disguised as a rugby match). The safety of the country will be in the hands of the RAF. If anyone has any concerns for their safety...
  9. ramone

    Yay or Nay 176845

    Sat watching Gotham on tv and saw Camren Bicondova. Looked very similar to a very young Michelle Pfeiffer. Bugger files are too big to upload !
  10. ramone

    Chuck Norris !

    When Chuck Norris does press up's .... He pushes the Earth down ! God calls him Sir !
  11. ramone

    Mr stelling

    Passionate fan or unprofessional rant ? Think there is a time and place for this type of rant.
  12. ramone

    Another £85,000 to fund "operational costs"

    Is it right that yet more money from the public funds is going in to look for 1 child who could possibly already be dead ? The total being £ 11.1 million when it seems that other children have gone missing and nowhere near this amount has been spent. Yes there may be a faint glimmer that the...
  13. ramone

    Sara Millican tickets

    I have 4 tickets for Sara Millican at the Pavillions next Saturday the 13th for sale Cost me £25 each plus booking fee's , but cant make it now due to unforeseen family commitments Up for sale for £20 each either as a group of 4 or singly PM me if interested UTC Ramone
  14. ramone

    Happy St George's Day

    Would just like to wish everyone a very happy St George's day
  15. ramone

    Royal British Legion Poppy walk 2013

    Just a quick thing if I may for you boys and girls As some of you may know i collect pretty much all year round for the RBL Poppy appeal through my work and this year my 2 girls have been invited along to do the Poppy walk around London for this great cause and are looking for any sort of...
  16. ramone

    England v Switzerland matchday thread

    Cant believe there wasnt one already started so here goes England top of group G with 3 wins out of 4 and the Swiss with 1 win and 2 losses should be an easy win for England but you never can tell which team will turn up Going for 3-0 Bent to put one in the back of goal, Wilshere, and...
  17. ramone

    Now this is funny

    Just been down and bought the League paper as normal and while looking through i noticed a letter page 6 " I know [email protected] have tremendous problems on and off the pitch but our local rivals Exeter City have problems on the pitch First they play like donkeys in the JP area final and lose to...
  18. ramone

    Incredible !

    After all this time of the janners giving us grief about the Jackson and Geller stunt at our place it seems they are sinking lower and lower, PMSL Does anyone know Christopher Lillicrap ??
  19. ramone

    Upcoming gigs

    Anybody else know of any decent gigs on the horizon ? A couple i have seen now being advertised are the Stranglers, S.L.F, B.A.D, Big country, C*ckney Rejects, and the Damned Havent seen the Stranglers for a few years but will be going to see Big Audio Dynamite with the original line-up and...
  20. ramone

    For the younger Grecian's

    Just to keep our younger City fans updated on his progress Make sure your in bed before he gets to Europe [tap]