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  1. Billy The Fish

    Stevenage build up.

    1pm kick off. I'm predicting a win to lift the winter gloom , that's if the game isn't rained off of course. If Law doesn't play a major part then I'm guessing there's something wrong with him that they're not revealing, otherwise there won't be many changes as the selection is generally okay...
  2. Billy The Fish

    One to Choose. New Year Edition

    Now the season of goodwill is well and truly over it's back to nastiness. Who'd win a fight, a proper no holds barred, closing time street brawl between the following protagonists. I'll ask Mr Huxtable to officiate. Tess v Claudia. Capt Tom v Prince Philip. Tyson Fury v The All Blacks front...
  3. Billy The Fish

    City v Sheff Wed build up

    Will it be on for starters ? Could succumb to covid or the Polar Bomb Beast from the East they keep on about but either way it would have been a juicy tie if the doors had been open to the public. It would be sods law if we had the best cup run for years and couldn't go. 3-2 City win. Bowman...
  4. Billy The Fish

    Newport County v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Last game of the year so let's finish the sod with a win please. Expect McArdle to replace the hamstrung Sweeney.
  5. Billy The Fish

    Exeter City v Harrogate Town Matchday Thread

    Do we continue the sparkling form or struggle against a side not on top of their game ? The fans had a damn good "Welcome Home" on Saturday so let's hope for more of the same. COYR
  6. Billy The Fish

    New EFL Chief Executive

    Trevor Birch. I've just listened to Simon Jordan gushing over this appointment saying things like "At last the EFL have brought someone capable in"*. We'll see. *My words- not a quote.
  7. Billy The Fish

    If you won....

    The Euromillions jackpot has grown to an enormously grotesque figure again. Imagine you won it and decided that the club would benefit from your new wealth. Me, I would purchase SJP from the council and give it back to the club/Trust. Next I would try to buy the Cat and Fiddle. Then I'd pay...
  8. Billy The Fish

    Jack Veale

    Catching the eye ? Football Insider seems to think so. Expect the worst but hope for the best, as they say.
  9. Billy The Fish

    City v Colchester (Tuesday) build up thread.

    With Caprice joining the hamstring club we could do with Parkes and Key returning, at least one of them anyway. Big thing though is we're inadequate up front (ooh err missus) and Taylor needs to stiffen things up. Expect a rare start for Ajose.
  10. Billy The Fish

    Exeter City v Scunthorpe United Match Day Thread.

    Our usual misfiring, stuttering display against a side at the bottom or will we give them a proper spanking ? 1-0 win for me. Bowman.
  11. Billy The Fish

    Cambridge at home Saturday.

    Bowman's going home with the matchball after our 3-0 win and yes , we keep a clean sheet. Will the cardboards get to watch though ?
  12. Billy The Fish

    Mansfield v City build up, chat and predictions.

    First of all, will it be on with the Stags being exposed to the plague ? Matt's got selection issues with senior pros under performing in the two previous league games but I'm positive Williams will start and has a point to prove. We'll win this.
  13. Billy The Fish

    The Garden Thread

    Here's the place for garden tips, problems, photos and all things related. My issue is slugs and snails. I don't like using blue pellets as I've loads of frogs in the pond and I don't want to poison them, I've got a Jack Russell so I can't have chickens and we've no hedgehogs around here...
  14. Billy The Fish

    Finishing the season.

    What are the football authorities going to do ? There's the all important TV contracts and the big players like Sky want their money's worth, there's the government trying to limit the effects of the crisis, the clubs need to pay staff - many of whom have contract issues - there's sponsors to...
  15. Billy The Fish

    101 uses of a football fan.

    As long as it doesn't rain too much I'm being threatened with gardening. How about you ?
  16. Billy The Fish

    League 2 next season 2020/21.

    Coming down from L1 looks at this stage as if it will be Bolton, Southend and Tranmere. Coming up from the National League is a bit more open and could be a return for Barrow and any one of the chasing pack. On current form Stevenage look increasingly doomed but could be reprieved if...
  17. Billy The Fish

    City v Colchester build up thread.

    Never mind Swindon we've got this one next and it's another promotion hopefuls toughie. Nouble could be out for them with a dodgy back but even so we've got enough about us to secure the points. Wouldn't be surprised if the crowd was a little down on expectations as it's that skint time of the year.
  18. Billy The Fish

    City v Cambridge chat and predictions.

    Cambridge are not on a good run of form, last time they won a league game was the beginning of December when they destroyed some pathetic excuse of a football club 1-0. Our available players should be rested and raring to go so we can reasonably expect a positive result. With that in mind I...
  19. Billy The Fish

    Scunthorpe Away

    The fixture computer comes up with another beauty, it's almost like the EFL want empty stadia. Oh well off we go anyway and Matt Taylor has a mini crisis on his hands. Bottom line is - we need to score goals but somehow I don't see them coming yet . Brave defence will earn a point. 0-0...
  20. Billy The Fish

    City v Newport predictions and chat.

    Another stiff test for our table topping heroes. Atangana is making the trip as part of the squad at last but I read that he won't feature. We're still not firing on all cylinders so someone's going to cop it one of these days but I don't think it's going to happen in Wales on Saturday. 1-1...