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  1. Bittners a Legend

    The 1000th Goal

    ...scored under Trust ownership. Who will score it?
  2. Bittners a Legend

    The Impact of Volunteers and the benefit of Trust Ownership

    ...estimated at being worth £300,000 to the Club. Not many (any?) privately owned clubs can make this claim surely?
  3. Bittners a Legend

    How do you stop the best player in a team influencing a game?

    This is presumably often a question a manager will ponder about the opposition. Paul Tisdale seems to have mastered the art of it...with our own players. Why is Ollie Watkins being used as a left-wing back or left sided midfield player? Although you can't argue with our position in the league...
  4. Bittners a Legend

    Matt Oakley

    How many days a week does he train in Exeter? How much ground does he cover in 90 minutes and how far below the average is this compared with others who play CB in League Two? He seems to play the game at literal walking pace. He is not a central defender and has neither the mobility nor...
  5. Bittners a Legend

    An Open Letter to the Echo re: Tisdale (Petition)

    Realistically organising a protest in the ground isn't going to happen I suspect. However, if somebody drew up a short basic open letter to be sent to the Echo and publicised it on here/Facebook etc you could probably get hundreds of signatures on a letter calling on him to resign. Maybe set...
  6. Bittners a Legend

    Pat on the back...

    ...for the Exeweb mods and owners. In the face of great provocation too.
  7. Bittners a Legend

    Rejoining/Supporting the Trust

    The Trust has obviously lost a number of members in the previous couple of years for innumerable reasons but I see no reason why, theoretically, it couldn't bring many of those people back. Presumably if you believed, or believe, in the model then you can be won back. So I was curious to know...
  8. Bittners a Legend

    Crowdfunding a Transfer

    Ryan Harley being photographed at St James Park had me wondering about this. Is there any merit to it? Could it be an "open" fund for Tisdale to bring in whomever he likes or would it need to be for a specific player and would that prove problematic in terms of a time period to raise the funds...
  9. Bittners a Legend

    No Confidence in Laurence Overend as Trust Chairman

    On the basis of his comments reported in the WMN this evening and his attempts to push through a change in the Club Articles to remove any remaining power the Trust has I am sorry to say I have no confidence in him to act in the best interests of the Trust going forward. Hopefully a vote of no...
  10. Bittners a Legend

    PFA Loans etc

    On the Trust Board Minutes thread Edward posted, and I hope he doesn't mind me re-posting it here, that "A number of people connected to the players are suggesting this is the case." in relation to the question of whether we did indeed seek PFA loans. If this is true then it is hugely alarming...
  11. Bittners a Legend

    New Cycles and Financing the Squad

    Three years ago we lost Harley, Taylor, Jones and Cureton after finishing 8th and were told that it was the end of a cycle and a new one would begin. My question is whether we are still in that cycle or whether we have gone through a failed cycle and are beginning again? One of the main...
  12. Bittners a Legend

    Trust Board vs Club Board power

    I appreciate many might be sick of this topic but I was just browsing the (much improved) Trust website and came across a curious answer to a question raised from a member. The question was regarding the wielding of power between Trust and Club Boards. The answer from the Trust was this: "With...
  13. Bittners a Legend

    Newport on Sunday - get yourself there!

    I'm not seeking to deflect any criticism from the shameful way our club is being managed both on and off the pitch but I was struct by just how desolate our young players looked as they walked off the pitch. We lack any leadership either from senior players or management and the whole thing is...
  14. Bittners a Legend

    Aaron Davies - Nominated for Player of the Month

    Well done Arron. Not convinced by him as a right wing back but a couple of great goals in October and his cross for Coles goal on Saturday was excellent.
  15. Bittners a Legend

    Brazil Day

    From the O/S: "Every year the Park takes up a carnival atmosphere for our Brazil Day, and once again we’re delighted to be hosting the event at the Park on Saturday 17th August." When in the past has 17th August been Brazil Day? I've clearly been completely ignorant to this long-standing...
  16. Bittners a Legend

    Social Media

    Posting on Facebook today: Exeter City Football Club I don't respect Lucas' views Fred, the kid is deluded beyond belief! Like · Reply · about an hour ago via mobile No idea who has the password for the Facebook page but for the official account to be seen calling a fan 'deluded' and informing...
  17. Bittners a Legend

    Our Style of Play

    I think it is fair to say that the Tisdale style of passing and pressing is now long gone. We have played some pretty dire stuff for 18 months now, with the odd David Noble exception. Certainly the crisp passing of previous years is long gone. So do we have a style? In so many of the games...
  18. Bittners a Legend

    The Power of the People: A Returning Exewebber

    Having seen how the will of the people can influence the Chosen Seven perhaps we will be able to push a campaign to get an old exewebber to return from the ashes. Now I know Joey will be a popular choice with some (hi Pete) but I'd like to propose... BARMY GRECIAN. (come on down) (and bring...
  19. Bittners a Legend

    The Blame Game at No.11 (No.10)

    He has blamed snow, and he has blamed the Royal Wedding. What will Mr.Osborne find to blame for the state of the economy on Tuesday? All answers, even cheese related, are welcomed. Perhaps when Gideon runs out of ideas he can turn to this thread for assistance.