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    A blessing in disguise that we failed to get promoted

    A bit of an eye opener tonight and if the standard of tonight’s football, particularly the second leg Wycombe v Fleetwood, is anything to go by my then yes we would have been struggling. Bearing in mind this was a knock out game there was no kick and rush and both teams played exciting push and...
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    Friday 12th June and Monday 15th 7pm - ECFC Fan’s Forum Zoom Meeting.

    Just watching it now would recommend anyone to contact Neil le Miliere on the Gnet Group to sign up for the next meeting scheduled for 7.00 pm Monday 15th June.
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    Playoffs Season 2019/20

    Two or three events could still derail them one being that the PL and/or Championship are, for whatever reason, unable to play out their Leagues. Should this happen I cannot see the outcome as being anything other than a voiding of both Leagues, which would cascade down to League One and Two, as...
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    Currently 47 Clubs in levels 3 and 4 of EFL but how much longer?

    Swindon Town owner on TalkSPORT this Sunday afternoon saying he believes as many as 10 Clubs could go out of business within the next couple of months. Even a reasonably well supported Club like Swindon being unable to start next season without financial help. If this should be case and we do...
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    Exeter City a Complete Record 1904 - 1990

    Does anyone know if there are any plans in the pipeline to produce an update to this.
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    City’s Academy

    Excellent article by Stuart James on Devon Live. Well worth reading and it will make you really proud to say that Exeter City is your Club.
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    Lee Holmes

    Just listening to him on Radio Devon saying how close he was to losing his daughter Lila a week or so ago.
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    Naming the new Away End Stand

    Is there any way we can persuade the Club to drop this ludicrous idea of naming it after a City legend just leave it as the St James Road End. This is a small second hand and very basic stand purely for the use of away supporters. To name it after a City legend would in my view be debasing his...
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    Which goal has contributed most to the colourful history of ECFC?

    I believe there is one stand out candidate but will be interested to see what others think.
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    Restructuring the playoffs?

    Is it time to review the make off the playoffs and follow the lead of the National League of involving six teams in the playoffs? This is not intended as a snide comment about Argyle but would it be fair if Shrewsbury 18 points ahead of Plymouth lost out to them in the playoffs? This could...
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    The End of Season Run In

    I felt at the time that any hopes of making the autos disappeared with our failure to win our home games against Carlisle and Vale. However notwithstanding this since the Mansfield debacle we have picked up points both away and at SJP and are again back well in the running for a place in the...
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    League One or League Two.....That is the question?

    Fail to get promoted and any player with ambition to play at a higher level will inevitably question whether the Club and Tisdale really have the same ambition and will look to move on. We could therefore lose JMT, Pym and possibly also Troy Brown, Stockley and Holmes. Some might say the latter...
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    The next five games

    No exaggeration to say these are going to be crucial. FGR home, Luton away, Wycombe home, Port Vale away and Mansfield home. Wins against FGR, Wycombe and Mansfield and given we have two games in hand over current second place Notts County and only three points behind them and two games in hand...
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    Exeter City FC Memories Past and Present

    As so many threads seem to end up going down “memory lane” I thought it might be an idea to start one where those of us that want to do so can reminisce and share our memories of following the Grecians over this and the last century. Tempus has certainly fugited for me and it would be great if...
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    WBA Prediction Thread

    Watching WBA v Arsenal Pardew playing his strongest side. As we know WBA currently bottom of the Prem but looking at their team they do have a number of decent and experienced Prem players Ben Foster (ex Tivy Town), Gareth Barry, Johnny Evans and Robson-Kanu. Anybody’s guess how Pardew will...
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    Right Wing

    Hi everyone not really sure how to put this but I have just heard from Adrian that his wife Glen is very seriously ill with cancer. As we all know he is one of life’s fighters but no matter how strong anyone is there are times such as this when we all need that extra arm around our shoulders...
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    Liam McAlinden

    To my mind one of the factors which could well have a significant effect as to whether we finish top three or top seven will be Liam"s form. This season he has shown that he can strike up a good partnership with both Reid and Stockley and he could well be the answer to the “Reid Stockley...
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    What price stability?

    This time last season we had played 8 and lost 6 by the 1st October we had played 11 and lost 8. Yes we had injuries and in hindsight probably the two most crucial being Holmes and Brown and sadly because of the family tragedy, that we now know he was coping with, we were also without the...
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    The first ten games

    Six down top of the league and 16 points out of a possible 18. Next four games Tues Barnet away, Saturday 16th Crewe home, Saturday 23rd Coventry away and Tuesday 26th Notts County home. Barnet currently 7th with 10 points (just won 2 on the bounce), Crewe 4th with 11 points, Coventry 8th with...
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    Transfer Deadline Day August 2017

    An interesting few hours and the signings of Stockley (for a fee) and Boateng, both I believe on 3 year contracts, looks to be a clear indication that the Club and Tisdale are intending to make a serious challenge for automatic promotion this season. I cannot remember a busier deadline day. Can...