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  1. Billy The Fish

    Premier League 20/21

    Gerrard in.
  2. Billy The Fish

    Alex Hartridge

    Second clean sheet for the pairing and long may it continue.
  3. Billy The Fish

    Things you dont see anymore

    The latter. Rascals the lot of them according to my mum.
  4. Billy The Fish

    Things you dont see anymore

    Us kids had to sit outside and count the number of bags the coalman tipped into the bunker. Apparently they were notorious for delivering you a couple of bags short if they could get away with it.
  5. Billy The Fish


    Exeter City win , all in please. Marche ou crève.
  6. Billy The Fish

    League 2 News

    Hope they lose both of them.
  7. Billy The Fish

    Little things that amuse you

    I know what you mean, I almost posted my anecdote on the Feckin Dire thread.
  8. Billy The Fish

    Little things that amuse you

    There's a minor road closed near here and the traffic is diverted down an even smaller lane. I've just been held up for about five minutes as two lady motorists met each other head on and, quite clearly, neither could reverse their car, it was approximately an entire vehicle length into some...
  9. Billy The Fish

    Things you dont see anymore

    Kellow's Bootlaces.
  10. Billy The Fish

    Exeter v Orient discussion thread

    No Sweeney and Parkes so that'll mean McArdle and Hartridge will continue together then I imagine.
  11. Billy The Fish


    If he's not fit enough to be a pro footballer as he can't train, couldn't insurance kick in ? The situation is untenable now and needs addressing.
  12. Billy The Fish


    An undetected fracture in a Malted Milk caused half of it to sink into my mug of tea just now. Is there a worse biscuit than one of these in a dunking incident ? No amount of fishing with a teaspoon saved the day. This could have been posted on the Annoyed or Feckin Dire threads just as easily.
  13. Billy The Fish

    World Cup 2030

    Will the fans be allowed in by then ?
  14. Billy The Fish

    Obituary Thread

    Seem to remember him coming to prominence as a tv pundit prior to the 1970 World Cup. The BBC ran a competition to find a commentator and the competitors were anonymous until they announced the winner, Idwal Robling. Then they revealed that Ian St John had been one of the runners up and that...
  15. Billy The Fish


    £50 Cambridge and Tranmere win double please.
  16. Billy The Fish

    March 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    Walsall L 1-0 Orient W 2-1 Scunthorpe D 1-1 Cheltenham W 2-1 Tranmere L 2-0 Oldham D 1-1 Salford W 2-1 11 points
  17. Billy The Fish

    Manager Thread redux

    Well it's closer to him than Exeter.
  18. Billy The Fish

    Help needed

    Maybe Rory McArdle could contact him if he requires advice on recovery from his recent mishap.
  19. Billy The Fish

    Exeter v Walsall discussion thread

    I reckon there's going to have to be square pegs in round holes. Wonder how far Stubbs is away from playing a part...