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    Matt Taylor - 2 Years As ECFC Manager...

    The population of Burnley is 88,000 and Turf Moor has a ground capacity of 21,944, and they manage to survive in the Premiership. The population of Exeter is 128,000 and St James park has a ground capacity of 8,696 and we manage to consistently stay in Division 2 !!! We have the potential...
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    Matt Taylor - 2 Years As ECFC Manager...

    I think Bowman is back on saturday having served his 3 games against Colchester,Crawley and Walsall.
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    Exeter v Walsall discussion thread

    IMO we must start with our best available team, forget rotation, is it not better to make substitutions duing the match when we have a lead to preserve players energy ?
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    Paul Tisdale - Ex-Bristol Rovers Manager

    Sounds to me like the fans want one or two strikers, may I suggest Ajose and Fisher on loan.
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    Offers turned down for Ryan Bowman

    If the crosses did come in the question then is Ryan Bowman going to be that prolific with his head to score loads of goals....I think not.
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    Forest Green Rovers (build up & discussion thread)

    And Mc Cardle for Sweeney perhaps.
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    Salford City v Exeter City Official Match Day Thread

    Wheres the width, wheres the pace ?
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    What year did you first watch or take a interest in The Grecians ?

    1949, seated on the small wall in front of the refreshment hut by the side of the old Grandstand. think it was against Millwall in the old third division south.
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    Fans back in October

    So if we have sold say 1500 season tickets, and the club have the money tucked away from these sales, and the limit is put at 1500 when the league resumes, where is the extra turnover on a matchday going to come from if its not through the turnstiles ?
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    Ollie Watkins

    I thought this was an Ollie Watkins thread.
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    Is it feasible

    crowds could return If face masks were mandatory, and anyone inside without one on would face eviction.
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    Season tickets 2020/21 (and refunds for 2019/20)

    Anybody know how many have been sold now.
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    Team for Wembley?

    Thats because he is being played on the left hand side, when I have seen him on thre right side he is far more dangerous and very effective.
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    Exeter City v Colchester United Playoff 2nd Leg Matchday Thread

    Who is playing at left back ? Is it Sweeney and Martin as centre backs, Richardson is terrible at left back but exciting on the right side going forward, is it Moxey at left back ?
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    Exeter City v Colchester United Playoff 2nd Leg Matchday Thread

    Law 2 Parkes and Williams, scored the goals that thrashed Plymouth 4-0, just repeat that day with the same momentum and we have got a decent chance.
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    EFL decision day - Monday 8th June (now Tues 9th June)

    Social distancing on a cherry picker sound interesting !
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    "Football gangs and far-right activists are heading to London to confront BLM demonstrators"

    There is also a Whieladies Road in Bristol...just to even things up like.
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    What's The Hell Is Going On With Football Currently and how does it effect Exeter City?

    All answers still pending.......bit of a crystal ball at the moment.
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    Just how should we finish the season?

    I think the simple answer here is to include all cup games as a free entry as part of the new season ticket price should the season get underway, whenever. This would seem to me to be the ideal solution to the quandry of having paid for 5 unseen league games.
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    Just how should we finish the season?

    The top 3 places should be secure, the main talking point has to be Exeter City or Cheltenham for the 4th place. Would it not be simple as they have to play each other before the real season were to finish, that the 2 sides played a 'winner gets promotion' game behind closed doors on a neutral...