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  1. Ashford Grecian

    Exeter v Orient discussion thread

    We really need 3 points - starting to slip behind the leading pack now....
  2. Ashford Grecian

    March 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    City scores first 02/3 H Walsall - 2-1 06/3 H Leyton Orient - 2-0 09/3 A Scunthorpe 1-0 13/3 H Cheltenham 1-1 20/3 A Tranmere 0-2 23/3 A Oldham 1-1 27/3 H Salford 1-1 12 points and hanging on in there
  3. Ashford Grecian

    Colchester United v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    I normally go to Colchester with fear and trepidation but we really need to win this one..
  4. Ashford Grecian

    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Ooops that wasn't too clever!
  5. Ashford Grecian

    GB News.

    Hopefully we get some truth - unlike other media broadcasters (personally haven't turned the news on once in over 4 months)
  6. Ashford Grecian

    TV Times

    Channel 4 to cover India vs England series including tests, ODI'2 + T20's
  7. Ashford Grecian

    February 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    The way we are performing recently I was quite optimistic with 9 points !
  8. Ashford Grecian

    February 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    Not been going to well of late and don't see a huge upturn in results - City scores first = 9 points - not enough to get in the plays off spots 02/02 A Stevenage 1-1 06/02 H Bradford City 2-1 09/02 A Barrow 1-1 13/02 A Oldham 1-2 16/02 A Newport 0-2 20/02 H Grimsby 2-1 23/02 A Colchester...
  9. Ashford Grecian

    Cheerio Nicky Law

    FFS what a rubbish few days🙁
  10. Ashford Grecian

    Harrogate discussion thread (Postponed to Tuesday 19th Jan)

    Thinking about streaming this match on I-follow.. is it possible to cast this to a smart TV?
  11. Ashford Grecian

    Longest run of home fixtures

    Only for the players sadly 🙁
  12. Ashford Grecian

    Are We On Sky Soon?

    Talking of which I don't have BT Sport so guessing I won't be able to watch the cup tie?
  13. Ashford Grecian

    Xmas Yes or No (5 to choose of sorts)

    5 yesses for the grub but no to maam
  14. Ashford Grecian

    December 2020 Points Prediction Thread

    City scores first 01/12 A Grimsby 1-1 05/12 A Cheltenham 1-1 12/12 H Tranmere 2-0 15/12 H Harrogate 2-1 19/12 A Stevenage 2-0 26/12 H Forest Green Rovers 2-1 29/12 A Newport 1-2 A very joyous seasonal 14 points
  15. Ashford Grecian

    UK Lockdown

  16. Ashford Grecian

    UK Lockdown

    I have never had the flu jab and it worked for me Never had the flu or a day of work with any illness since I joined present company in March 1996
  17. Ashford Grecian

    Exeter City Vs Colchester United Matchday Thread

    **** me Bowan hat trick hope RHK cashed out
  18. Ashford Grecian

    Exeter City Vs Colchester United Matchday Thread

    No more goals please assuming Rog is on his usual!
  19. Ashford Grecian


    Tricky little set City Scores first 03/11 A Morecambe 1-1 14/11 A Bradford City 1-1 21/11 H Oldham 2-1 24/11 H Colchester 2-2 No losses and 6 points