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  1. grecIAN Harris

    Are We On Sky Soon?

    I was just looking through our fixtures for the next month, I notice our game at Carlisle is a 1pm kick off hence the question in the title. It seems a very odd time for us to kick off at Carlisle at the end of January. Does anybody know anything?
  2. grecIAN Harris

    The Official Exeter City v AFC Fylde FA Cup 1st Round Matchday Thread

    Gone 6am and nobody has started one....... best I had then. C'mon you reds!!!!!!!
  3. grecIAN Harris

    Harry Holman

    I've just seen on Facebook that former City player Harry Holman has died of a heart attack.
  4. grecIAN Harris

    Well Done Chiefs

    The Chiefs are through to their first European Cup final after beating Toulouse this afternoon. They placing Racing who beat Saracens in the other semi final earlier.
  5. grecIAN Harris

    You're The Gaffer: Painpot Special.

    Right, let's get ahead of ourselves a little. We've won the semi, Matt has stuck to his tried and trusted formula of team made up of mainly squad players, a couple of emerging young uns and a couple first choice regulars, and we're off to Wembley. It's the first chance of silverware for the club...
  6. grecIAN Harris

    World Darts 2019

    Anybody with a spare fiver, bung it on Gary Anderson at 25-1. Ridiculous odds!!
  7. grecIAN Harris

    Randell Wins...…..

    ...... City's goal of the month for October with his deft little chip against The Scummers.
  8. grecIAN Harris

    Travel Arrangements In December

    If you're coming from anywhere requiring a service on the Waterloo line...……………………………………… forget it!!!! The Guards on Southwest Railway have voted to go on strike for 27 days in December, 2nd December through to the 29th December. Nowt like trying to get the customer on side to win your...
  9. grecIAN Harris

    Team of the Decade

    I see Devon Live have started voting for an Exeter City team of the decade. Who would you pick?
  10. grecIAN Harris

    Square Pegs In Round Holes

    Paul Tisdale used to get slaughtered for it from many on here (me included at times). And here we are with Matt Taylor doing the same thing and it is detremental to the most important part of the game...………………………. putting the ball in the back of the net. Randall Williams doesn't have a right...
  11. grecIAN Harris

    An Interesting Spin On Transfer Fees.

    I noticed this,,when I was perusing the BBC website this evening. It puts an interesting comparison on the value of former Premier League players against those of today. To give you some idea, the £15 million Newcastle paid out for Alan Shearer is...
  12. grecIAN Harris

    Tristan Abrahams

    Our latest signing, On loan from Norwich with a little bit of help from Matt Gill.
  13. grecIAN Harris

    And To Follow Up Valentines Day Enough said.
  14. grecIAN Harris

    Happy Valentines Day to.........

    ....... all those that made the trip to St James's Park in 1981.
  15. grecIAN Harris

    Future Train Travel To St James Park...........

    ................ or lack of it possibly. With both fixture lists coming out so far in advance surely the simple thing would be for GWR to put on another set of carriages. Now I expect RaWZ will pop up and say it's not...
  16. grecIAN Harris

    Our Form

    We all know that our form at the start of the season has been not a lot short of brilliant but how many of you, unless you've read the same report I just have (, realised we've racked up 100 points in our last forty games? That's better form than...
  17. grecIAN Harris

    Joshua v Klitchko

    Sounds like the fight of the century................... Kitchko down three times, Joshua once and going toe to toe all the way.
  18. grecIAN Harris

    Tony Kellow's Family

    I read on the club website that 22 of The Legends family are coming up to watch the Newport game, I've no doubt the older members of his family will know...
  19. grecIAN Harris

    City v Satanage Prediction Fred

    As it's Friday evening and it doesn't appear to have been started yet................... City 2- 0 Satanage, Wheeler (it's hard to say otherwise) and McAlinden.
  20. grecIAN Harris

    The African Cup of Nations..............

    ............. has started this weekend. I love watching it. 100 mile an hour football littered with bits of unbelievable skill but plenty of park football errors especially towards the end of matches. Then you get the odd player you watch who you wonder why he isn't playing somewhere in...