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  1. Oldsmobile-88

    MDT : Exeter City v Bolton Wanderers 7pm KO

    A slick surface for this evening by the look of the forecast.
  2. Oldsmobile-88

    Dan McCauley

    Dan McCauleys name was mentioned on another thread,has anyone got any particular memories of the time he tried to get involved with the club ? I can’t remember that much about his involvement in any takeover except the occasion he had a plane fly over SJP with a banner saying “Dans the Man” or...
  3. Oldsmobile-88

    Minimum Alcohol Pricing.

    With increasing state control of all of our lives in the past 9 months,another health initiative is coming down the tracks.Minimum pricing for alcoholic units(this has already been implemented by the devolved Scottish Administration) It would not make a great deal of difference to me because I...
  4. Oldsmobile-88

    Morecambe Tues 3rd Nov.Discussion thread.

    Goalkeeper situation.Will the young Icelander continue ? Morecambe look like they have a good side this season.A few good loan signings brought in. Derick Adams has dispensed with the old guard of Roache & Ellison in a clear out after the last season was cancelled.Very much his team now after...
  5. Oldsmobile-88

    Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD)

    Anyone else get this kicking in at this time of the year ? I always thought it was a load of nonsense when I was younger,but since turning 40 nearly a couple of decades ago it seems to effect me a little more with each passing year. Its going to be worse this year with all of the restrictions...
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    Mansfield Town v Exeter City MDT

    Strange times..A late start match day thread. I will be following on this forum. It’s a few years since I’ve missed a Grecian game at Field Mill ☹️
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    Sky Super 6

    Starts again today...My best score is 24 of the Maximum 36,probably average around 10 points a week 😁 so the weekly top prize is safe as is the end of season prize from me. A good bit of fun & free to enter. Does anyone else indulge ?
  8. Oldsmobile-88

    20/21 Away Travel

    When will away supporters be allowed I wonder ? Nothing official has been said yet. Looking at other clubs sites it would appear that they are catering for home supporters with season tickets only using all of the ground. Unfortunately I don’t think away supporters will be allowed in the...
  9. Oldsmobile-88

    What year did you first watch or take a interest in The Grecians ?

    Just a bit of fun to see the age demographic of posters. For me it was 1971 for the first match,I had taken a interest the year before aged 9. I wonder if there are any supporters about(not of this forum) who went to SJP pre 1935 ?
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    Interesting & Unusual International Fixtures

    I will start this one off with the day the Swastika flew over White Hart Lane. England v Germany in 1935.
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    Latest Club News..

  12. Oldsmobile-88

    20/21 Season

    Whatever division the Grecians will be playing in next season.It’s difficult see a start to the new season before October. I would imagine the League Cup & the Paint Pot Trophy will fall by the wayside. Though that could be a moot point due to sponsorship rights. The EFL may have to reimburse...
  13. Oldsmobile-88

    29th May 1985

    29/05/1985. Today marks 35 years since the Heysel tragedy.
  14. Oldsmobile-88

    Arrivederci San Siro

    It looks like the famous San Siro stadium,home to AC & Inter Milan days are numbered. It’s a iconic ground I have always wanted to visit after seeing it on TV during Italia ‘90. Anyone on this board visited...
  15. Oldsmobile-88

    11th May 1985.

    The 35th anniversary of a dreadful day,which sometimes gets forgotten about around this time. 56 fans burned to death at Bradford & not forgetting a 15 year old boy who was killed at St Andrews,Birmingham on the same day. What a dreadful few days & there was more bad news & tragedy at Heysel a...
  16. Oldsmobile-88

    Old MOTD & Big Match.

    Anyone who knows me will know I love a bit of football nostalgia from the 1970s & 80s primarily. I will start this off with a Division Two game from Feb 1975.I can remember watching. A great part is the Steward in a white butchers coat(Southampton also had stewards in that attire) putting off...
  17. Oldsmobile-88

    Automobiles : Good,Bad & the Ugly.

    After a couple of posts about cars on the TV thread thought it was about time the subject had its own. I have lost count of the number of cars I have had,probably 40+ in 42 years of driving since I was 17. The one car I alway wanted when I was 20 was a Triumph Stag, but for a car dealer...
  18. Oldsmobile-88

    Football League Review.

    Whilst most of us are under ‘house arrest’ here is something to have a look back on. The Football League Review which in all intents & purposes was the mouthpiece of Football League Secretary,the autocratic Alan Hardaker from FL HQ at Lytham St Annes. Lots of great photos & articles from the...
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    The entertainment thread.

    Amongst all of the apocalyptic gloom in the media.Post something to while away the time for users of the forum who may be stuck at home. I will start with a radio show that a friend uploads weekly from Seattle. A excellent eclectic mix of tunes for 90 minutes to take you away from reality😎😎...
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    Former players.

    After a bit of debate on the Swindon MDT about former players,I thought I would kick this one off. A player who was a good servant to the club & had a pretty good strike record was Ray Pratt the Grecians very own super sub. Signed from Merthyr Tydfil for about £30k by Brian Godfrey around March...