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  1. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Fans at the League 2 Wembley play off finals? Return to St James Park

    Well, it ain't going to be this season folks. May 17th at the earliest.
  2. Pete Martin (CTID)


    Eight games. Two per week for the four weeks. Just two at home. Intense. Season defining?
  3. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Let's reminisce....... (Part Two)

    .....and a few more moments from that day.....
  4. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Let's reminisce....... (Part One)

    Just as a build up to tomorrow, some memories from the 3rd Round on 8th January 2005......
  5. Pete Martin (CTID)

    A tale of our times......

    It has been a difficult year for us all as football fans - and for the club. One of the downsides of all of this is the loss of the 'City football fix' to many of our young supporters, as well as their elders. I know personally of one in particular. He will be 8 years old in May next year...
  6. Pete Martin (CTID)

    EFL Floodlit Cup Final - Wed 18th Nov 6.30pm kick off

    This Wednesday live, for free, on YouTube.....
  7. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Leyton Orient v Exeter City - Tuesday 27 October - 7.00pm Discussion Thread

    OK, so it's been years since I started one of these. Are people losing interest? Who will be in goal tomorrow? Team? :unsure:
  8. Pete Martin (CTID)

    European super league...

    Good! Just fook off and let the rest of us enjoy proper football....
  9. Pete Martin (CTID)

    2020/21 games to be streamed

    Details here
  10. Pete Martin (CTID)


    Please note that the ballot papers for the 2019 Trust Board Election have now been despatched. Please keep your eye out for them. The Trust and the candidates really appreciate your vote so please, take the time to do so. Details of how to vote are on the ballot papers but ballot boxes...
  11. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Oldham Athletic v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    Just because someone had to.......
  12. Pete Martin (CTID)

    ECFC Supporters' Trust - AGM and Elections 2019

    ECFC Supporters' Trust - AGM and Elections 2019 Please click HERE for further information
  13. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Young City Fans

    Just a heartwarming random thought on this bank holiday Monday. Today is the 7th birthday of an avid young City fan that I know. I'm not going to name him, but he is a shining example of what our club is about and why we should be proud. He started to get interested in football at an earlier...
  14. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Launch of Trust Youth Council

    An opportunity for Exeter City supporters aged between 14 & 23 to take part in a Q&A with Manager Matt Taylor, City players Archie Collins, Alex Hartridge, a mystery senior pro and ECFC Ladies Player/Manager Abbie Britton. The Youth Council launch event will take place on Tuesday, January 29th...