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    Ollie Watkins

    Ollie vs Ethan this evening.
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    Little things that annoy you

    It's an ASMR thing innit? Doesn't float my particular ⛵, mind.
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    Matt Taylor - 2 Years As ECFC Manager...

    I might have imagined it but don't they get to use the facilities at St George's too?
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    Little things that annoy you

    In the end i didn't report the ones around here for the same reason. Their behaviour seemed to improve though so i wouldn't be surprised if others had.
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    Odds & sods

    "Santa" parachuted into Villa Park in 1998, hit the edge of a stand roof, fell to the ground and ended up losing a leg. It's on You Tube if you really want to see it.
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    Last film watched..

    The Foreigner. Jackie Chan plays the aging owner of a Chinese restaurant in London. His daughter is killed by an "Authentic IRA" bomb and he seeks revenge. As a film it all started ok but then descended into silliness once we discovered than Chan was in the special forces during 'Nam and...
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    Little things that annoy you

    It might have been the 1,400 temporarily homeless ones. Seriously though, you should report it to the uni. I have a friend who works there and a little while ago i said to her about the students i live near who weren't exactly playing. She said that the uni would actually want know because of...
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    Loud bang expected...

    Just seen a FB post from the police saying debris was thrown 250m and there's a crater the size of a double decker bus. They said earlier people should be able to go home tonight but now it seems not.
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    Loud bang expected...

    And that was with 400 tonnes of sand on it! Makes you think about how terrifying it must have been when they were dropping these for real.
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    Loud bang expected...

    I put off having me dinner for that :mad:
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    Loud bang expected...

    My mum and sisters live in St Thomas and they heard it. I live off OTR and heard nothing other than the police helicopter.
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    Crawley v Exeter City match day thread

    Whilst i was thankfully unable to watch the match today, i did hear snippets on the wireless. It didn't sound like Fisher was getting much service, especially after Parkes was ejected, but my issue with him is that he doesn't appear to have the ability to read a game or anticipate the flow of...
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    TV Times

    I used to like QED. A couple of very precise times there. 3.52 Regional News.
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    Loud bang expected...

    Between 5.30 and 6.30.
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    What song are You listening to Right Now???

    The Wedding Present have released an album today called Locked Down and Stripped Back which is a re-recording of several of their better known songs plus a couple of new ones. It was recorded with each person doing their thing at home and the songs are a lot less raw than the originals. I'm...
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    UK Lockdown

    And instead of that we're getting what ever city centre needs, a swimming pool.
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    UK Lockdown

    I probably haven't thought this through but i'm not sure i'm a fan of these suggestions of £150 High Street vouchers. Town centres have been in decline for years as out of town and online shopping has taken over so what exactly is this going to achieve? It might kick the can down the road a...
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    Crawley v Exeter discussion thread

    Without fans, i like the 1pm kick offs as it leaves you the rest of the afternoon. I'm not so keen under normal circumstances and when pubs are open though as it means starting a bit too early for me 🍻
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    Mental Health Discussion Thread - It's GOOD To Talk.

    On the catastrophising thing, I remember an evening when I was at my sister’s with my mum. When it came to leaving at about 9pm I offered her a lift home but she said she’d walk and so during the drive home my brain concocted a series of events whereby she ended up dead in the street. The stupid...
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    Mental Health Discussion Thread - It's GOOD To Talk.

    I’ve thought twice about posting this but then that’s part of the problem innit… I spoke to someone a while back which was something I should’ve done a long time ago. My symptoms were mild and barely registered on the initial questionnaire I had to fill in (although I later realised I’d...