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  1. Ian Tarr

    Newport County vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Was it Parkes and Taylor at Bradford?
  2. Ian Tarr

    Exeter City FC v Bradford City FC matchday thread

    Who seems to have fallen down the pecking order somewhat......
  3. Ian Tarr

    Exeter City v Morecambe Matchday Thread - Kick Off: 6.00PM

    Commentator and co-commentator absolutely clueless
  4. Ian Tarr

    Exeter City v Stevenage Matchday Thread - Kick Off: 1.00PM

    Sweeney's passing is a bit Marmite, probably more so than any other player we have. We all know he can be frustrating at times, but when he gets it right his forward passing is often very incisive and accurate. For example his pass to MJ for the first goal. It made it easy for MJ to turn away...
  5. Ian Tarr

    Ollie Watkins

    Three assists, surely?
  6. Ian Tarr

    WTF does Matt Jay have to do to get in the side???

    First 50: League 9+24, 1 goal; League Cup 2+1; FA Cup 0+1; Trophy 8+4, 1 goal; Play-off 0+1. Second 50: League 32+6, 17 goals; League Cup 2; FA Cup 3, 1 goal; Trophy 6, 5 goals; Play-off 0+1.
  7. Ian Tarr

    WTF does Matt Jay have to do to get in the side???

    Now that MJ has made it to 100 appearances in all competitions, it's interesting to look back at how he came to get this far. If we look at his century of appearances and split them into a couple of half centuries, his progress can be appreciated in far greater clarity. First 50: (between...
  8. Ian Tarr

    Exeter City vs Tranmere Rovers Match Day Thread.

    No Vaughan in the Tranmere squad
  9. Ian Tarr

    If you are returning to SJP soon - please take note.....

    You should be careful who you mix with.
  10. Ian Tarr

    Exeter City v Northampton Town, Pappa John Pizza Trophy. Match Day Thread

    That was our 50th in all competitions this season. In our 23rd game.
  11. Ian Tarr

    Exeter City v Northampton Town, Pappa John Pizza Trophy. Match Day Thread

    The Football League Trophy (now EFL Trophy) previously Leyland Daf/Autoglass/Sherpa Van/etc/etc
  12. Ian Tarr

    James Dodd

    Thanks for the update, Martin.
  13. Ian Tarr

    FA Youth Cup: City vs Bournemouth. Match day thread

    I think it's Chris McPhee
  14. Ian Tarr

    James Dodd

    Thanks, Martin. A shame if true.
  15. Ian Tarr

    FA Cup 2020/21

    Another opportunity for Wednesday to lose to a "pub team". ;)
  16. Ian Tarr

    Joel Randall

    This for me is the most exciting development. Looking at the way the U18s and U16s are progressing, there seems to be a plentiful supply of talent coming through for the next three or four years at least. Everyone loves to see the emergence of an Ollie, Ethan or Matt. Or indeed a Josh or Joel...
  17. Ian Tarr

    James Dodd

    He's been a long time injured now. Do we have any news? He looked like a quality, creative midfielder when I saw him play a couple of years ago.
  18. Ian Tarr

    FA Cup 2020/21

    Round three will have 7 from League 1 and 9 from League 2.
  19. Ian Tarr

    Gillingham vs City FA Cup 2nd Rd MDT

    I was thinking exactly the same.....