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    Exeter City caption thread

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    (The New) Exeter City Player Quiz !

    Hello all, And welcome to the newest edition of this fine tradition. I've got a bit of a Humdinger for you to restart the Exeter City Player Quiz. Attached is a photo of another Football Club, which contains at least 3 Exeter City Connections. Can you name the players, the club and the season...
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    Is The Season Going To Be Cancelled?

    It seems to be falling apart with multiple games being cancelled at all levels?
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    'Rude' Boris Johnson Song In Line To Be Xmas No.1 !!! BORIS JOHNSON IS A FCUKING **** - BY THE KUNTS Absolutely disgraceful , I cant understand the mentality of these awful people being so verbally abusive about our upstanding Prime...
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    Has Anthony Moxey Mellowed in his old age?

    I've noticed that veteran Exe-Webber Ant Moxey seems to be less pedantic , and more reasonable of late , and some would say his comments on these forums are not without their own unique charm and are even humorous at times. As MG once asked, what's going on?
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    The dampening down expectations thread

    A K A the not getting carried away thread. I think that's there a danger of this team which is full of youngsters being compared to some of the greatest ever Exeter City teams of '77 and 1990. And consequently there being severe disappointment and backlash if we don't reach those dizzy...
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    The Philosophy Thread

    Here's thread I'd thought I'd create on philosophical concepts and thought based on the ideas of great thinkers of our time. No 1 Lemmy from Motorhead on Racism -
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    Liam Sercombe - He’s one of our own! I rest my case....
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    If you had one question...

    To ask Donald Trump... The rules are he has to tell the truth - I know this sounds far fetched!! But what the question be and why?
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    Heads up - the risks of heading the ball I'm not sure what the answer is to the problem associated with heading. If for example, teams volunteer to reduce heading the ball in training, then that gives a...
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    How has Covid effected your relationship with Exeter City?

    3 options 1) it has whetted my appetite for live football, and I follow Exeter City more obsessively and more passionately than prior to Cov19 2) not much difference 3) I'm starting to lose interest, not going to games or SJP has meant that my connection with the club has been severed and I...
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    Vacine found 90% successful

    We will be return to normal by Spring.
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    Player Chants Season 2020/21

    Hi Exeweb, I was just wondering if there any player Chants for any of our players, I'm struggling to think of any apart from 'Sing a song for Stanno' and 'Ethan Ampadu' , but they don't really count. We must have new songs since then, could anyone enlighten me.
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    Exeter City Hall of Fame DVD for sale £1 on Ebay
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    The What Should We Do With the Watkins Money Thread

    Now it's confirmed,the money is on its way, should we ;bank the cash, look to stay afloat and brace ourselves for a uncertain future for football in these Covid times? Or spend as much as possible on strengthing the squad? Or something in between?
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    Exeter City 2008 home shirt for sale 1p on ebay

    Free collection if Local
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    Where we would have finished in the league Table if the league had continued Looks like one for the stattos out there, If anyone understands it, perhaps they could share with the Exeweb community?
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    Organisation Restructure At Argyle Measures needed to secure the long term future of the club, with talk of existential threat and stuff. Note that they are aiming to be a self-sufficient championship club. Bless 'em.
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    What's The Hell Is Going On With Football Currently and how does it effect Exeter City?

    Could someone please clarify 1) Did League 2 go for PPG or final standings in the end? 2) Are Exeter City therefore in playoffs? 3) Are the playoffs going to be played if so when and how ? 4) How much will 3) cost and who will pay for this? 5) When is next season expected to start and what...