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  1. Ashford Grecian

    Tisdale for Arsenal

    The second longest serving manager to take over from the longest?
  2. Ashford Grecian

    Curry Houses in Town

    Can anyone recommend and good Curry Houses in / near the centre of town? Thanks in advance...
  3. Ashford Grecian

    Pubs in Town with darts boards / pool tables

    Evening all... Will be staying over Friday night for the Chesterfield game... Can anyone recommend any good boozers near the City Centre with either darts or pool and preferably some decent real ale as well?
  4. Ashford Grecian

    Devon and Cornwall Cops

    ITV 8pm tonight, dealing with tourists in Newquay and high-spirited football fans in Exeter!
  5. Ashford Grecian


    Deserves it own thread surely ;)
  6. Ashford Grecian

    Is automatic promotion out of the question?

    Only 9 points to make up now.....(y)
  7. Ashford Grecian

    Yay or Nay number 74

    Strictly's very own Darcey Bussell
  8. Ashford Grecian

    Where have the ticket news pages gone?

    Been getting error link for two days now, anyone else having issues?
  9. Ashford Grecian

    Yay or Nay number 26745

    I give you Joanna Lumley
  10. Ashford Grecian

    Pub for Liverpool replay

    Anyone know a likely watering hole(s) for the Grecian Army?
  11. Ashford Grecian

    Yay or Nay no. 4678924

    I give you Linda Lambert from Storage Hunters
  12. Ashford Grecian

    League 2, tight as a Nuns....

    So after today's matches a win tomorrow wont get us into a place off spot but would leave us just 3 points from the top spot.... Looking a pretty close league a dozen matches in!
  13. Ashford Grecian

    Playing away at home?

    What is all this business with warming up at the away end, coming out for kick off and heading to the away end and then winning the toss and attacking the Big Bank in the first half :S Cant say I like it in the least......
  14. Ashford Grecian

    Newport away

    I see that tickets are now on sale as follows; Bisley Pre-purchased Match-day Adult £19 £21 Sytner End Pre-purchased Match-day Adult...
  15. Ashford Grecian

    Stanno applause for Yeovil match

    As per link, surely this will be 3 mins non-stop applause....
  16. Ashford Grecian

    Worst start possible to the weekend

    That couldn't have gone any worse, first football league team out of the 2014-15 FA Cup after battering and not being able to score against a team that were dead on their feet and Grimes looked absolutely superb is surely in the shop window for a January exit....:(
  17. Ashford Grecian

    Non League day...

    Is this Saturday 6th September and I am doing my bit by heading down to watch City :D
  18. Ashford Grecian

    Daggers away

    Looks like this has been changed to a Friday night, anyone know what the reasoning is behind this?
  19. Ashford Grecian

    Tisdale for the Saints?

    It would be quite logical but hopefully not!
  20. Ashford Grecian

    Not long to go now....

    Until Tis is the current longest serving football manager (y)(clap)