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  1. Jason H

    Just to reassure you...quick "unflounce"

    Morning all, Apologies for having been incommunicado since lockdown - just thought I'd visit very briefly to say hello. I've been in PM contact with a few posters as I think has been mentioned on these boards, mainly to confirm that all's well. My wife almost certainly had the dreaded virus...
  2. Jason H

    Club Cricket 2020

    I know, it's not for a few months yet, but... Had a WhatsApp message from our Chairman this morning generally enquiring as to how I was and whether I was looking forward to the new season. I knew what was coming next - the Chairman doesn't just enquire socially and we have the AGM in a couple...
  3. Jason H


    TfL strips them of their licence to operate in London: To me this seems to be politically motivated - I've used Uber a few times and have had nothing but positive things to say...
  4. Jason H

    Crewe - 5th October

    Finally will be my first clap, clap of the season after I pulled out of going to Newport this Saturday. First visit too to Crewe (changing trains once aside), really looking forward to it.
  5. Jason H

    Predict L2 2019/20

    It's back! Usual drill, simply predict where you think everyone will finish in League 2 in 2019/20. Points are awarded for every position your teams are away from your prediction i.e. if you predict City to finish 1st and City finish 1st, you score 0 points; However, if you predict City to...
  6. Jason H

    Club Cricket 2019

    Yes, it's that time again. Our season actually started a couple of weeks ago with PSFs with the proper stuff not starting until May 11th, but I'll be donning the whites for the first time tomorrow in our 2s at Ashford. Although I'm not sure how often I'll actually play for the 4s as I'll...
  7. Jason H

    RIP Peter Carter

    RIP to former company secretary and director Peter Carter.
  8. Jason H

    A picture paints a thousand words

    So, Wayne Hennessey - caught up in an unfortunate freeze frame or a stupid Nazi-saluting idiot?
  9. Jason H

    FA Cup 18/19

    I know this is a bit late in terms of our involvement, but I've got a bit of a personal interest in the competition still - someone who as a kid used to play Cricket under my stewardship has broken into the Woking first XI this season and will be hoping for a big tie in the 3rd round after they...
  10. Jason H

    Injury list updates

    Apologies if I've missed something said in any threads, and I haven't looked at the various videos on the OS, but do we have any news on our array of injured players? Christy Pym - ? Troy Brown - out for a while yet... Hiram Boateng - new year... Chiedozie Ogbene - ? Lee Holmes - ? Lee Martin -...
  11. Jason H

    NEW Debate (!) - Online "Hate" Crimes

    So, today we see five people have been arrested for making a video mocking the Grenfell Tower fire. My take on it is that while these people are clearly the embodiment of excrement in human form, I struggle to see what crime has actually been committed - at least while there is no "Don't act...
  12. Jason H

    Neil Lennon

    Now at no point would I ever condone people throwing coins, don't get me wrong on that one, but you kinda have to ask what Lennon expected the way he behaved. In case you missed it, at 0-0 late on in the Edinburgh derby, Hearts had a goal (wrongly, IMO) disallowed for offside. The crowd stopped...
  13. Jason H

    Grimsby - 20 Oct

    Clap clap from me, got a rare full weekend pass as the Missus and Madam are visiting friends in Kernow for the half term.
  14. Jason H

    Predict L2 2018/19

    Yes, I know Football has hardly been away (before coming home a few days early, catching Mrs Football in bed with Cricket), but we're now just 3 weeks away from the new season...eeek! With that in mind, the L2 Prediction League is upon us once more. Who fancies trying to topple last year's...
  15. Jason H

    Club Cricket 2018

    Just realised no thread on this as yet... My second season playing for Kempton in the Surrey Championship started last Saturday. Was due to be in the safe confines of the 3s (my preferred team from last season), only there was a dropout in the 4s and they'd found a replacement who could only...
  16. Jason H

    The worst XI under Tisdale?

    Just for Al20K - we've got a nice thread running on the best XI under Tisdale, now how about the worst? I suggest a "5 league game minimum appearances" threshold to weed out those he signed and never played.
  17. Jason H

    Exewebber / City supporter hunt

    This is a bit of an odd one, but I'll give it a punt anyway.... Yesterday when driving back from my solicitor appointment (the location and timing of which was carefully co-ordinated to coincide with heading oop North to Port Vale, grrrr!), I was between around Greenford and Osterley when I...
  18. Jason H

    World Athletics Championships

    Start this evening. I know one or two of you are heading to this - I'm going on the Wednesday, can't wait. Sadly no Usain Bolt as he's not running the 200m but will get to see Mo.
  19. Jason H

    10 years ago today

    My first, and to date only pre-season friendly (involving City anyway, I've since been to one at Hampton & Richmond with some Stevenage chums), *that* infamous match at Hayes & Yeading. Sorry to remind those who, like me, had the misfortune to be there that night...!
  20. Jason H

    Predict L2 17/18

    As per the 16/17 thread, this will run for 17/18. The rules are very simple, predict how you think the L2 table will look come May 2018. For every place each team is out, you score a point (so if you predict City to finish 2nd and City are champions, that's 1 point), the winner is the...