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  1. 4ORDY

    Sam Gallagher

    Did we let this lad slip through the net, or was he ever on our books?. Local to our area how did we miss him.
  2. 4ORDY

    99p shop

    Just opened in Exeter, that's poundland buggered!
  3. 4ORDY

    Torquay's big summer signing....

    Martin Rice....dear oh dear! Times are hard down on the bay ;)
  4. 4ORDY

    Early Champions Predictions. Prem, Champ, 1 & 2

    Who's your Money on? Prem - Liverpool Champ - West Ham Lge 1 - Sheff Weds Lge 2 - Brizzle
  5. 4ORDY

    Boxing James DeGale v George Groves pubs ?

    James DeGale v George Groves fight tonight anyone know if any pubs are showing the fight ?
  6. 4ORDY

    Playstation Network.

    What the F**k is going on must have been a couple of weeks now, Anybody know of any news ?
  7. 4ORDY

    Exeweb down ?

    Glad it's back up, what happened ?
  8. 4ORDY

    Holycroft Does anyone know what position he played & what his first name was ?
  9. 4ORDY

    The new Andy Gray Is..... Couldn't think of anyone worse ! [n]
  10. 4ORDY

    Jake Thompson is going to join....

    Cheltenham on loan ;)
  11. 4ORDY

    Do footballers earn too much money ?

    he must........... :-O
  12. 4ORDY

    skysports Predicted table....,19528,11979_6285047,00.html What do you think ?
  13. 4ORDY

    Magpies keen on Harley deal...,19528,11719_6257049,00.html
  14. 4ORDY

    Next Portsmouth manager ?

    Portsmouth administrator Andrew Andronikou has confirmed he will be discussing the club's vacant managerial position with David James. Well there goes our next no#1 :D
  15. 4ORDY

    Anyone fancy a loan at 2356% APR?

    Nobody at all? well stay clear of QuickQuid. Typical 2356% APR :-O
  16. 4ORDY

    Former Exeter Falcons Star Mark Loram has confirmed his retirement.

    Former world champion & Exeter Falcons Star Mark Loram has confirmed his retirement from speedway after failing to recover from a broken leg. Very sad news, my all time favorite rider, maybe Falcons Next Manager/Promoter, Who knows ;)
  17. 4ORDY

    What's your favorite CD/Vinyl album artwork ?

    For me Mansun's SIX Is pretty dam cool, What's yours ?
  18. 4ORDY

    What was your last EBAY Purchase ?

    Mine was a Muse Cd Plug in Baby, What was yours ?
  19. 4ORDY

    ok if you could only buy 2 albums in life and that was it what would they be ?

    Days of the new - II (Green) [party] +Live+ - Throwing Copper [y] What would yours be ?
  20. 4ORDY

    How do medical examiners ID a body through dental records ?

    Anyone ??.... 8-)