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  1. exeter-loyal

    Plym**th away tickets

    Be interesting to see how long it will take for us to sell out 1,723. Their on sale from Wednesday.
  2. exeter-loyal

    EFL Trophy Semi Final Draw

    Who are we going to get?? I reckon we will draw Salford!!
  3. exeter-loyal

    Automatic Promotion

    I know it's early doors and were approaching the quater stage of the season but seriously with the depth of the squad we have this season and the way we're playing despite us not taking a lot of our chances in front of goal we have to be looking ahead and all I can see in front of us at the...
  4. exeter-loyal

    Football League Ramifications

    If Bury do go out of the league. Three teams will be relegated from League One. Four teams will still be promoted from League Two. But only one team will be relegated from League Two. Already been classified by the EFL.
  5. exeter-loyal

    Nicky Ajose

    There has been a lot of speculation this week that he could be signing. Anyone got any truth in this, I know he had been linked but with strong opponents I thought it would be fizzled out. If we did get him that would be a cracking signing.
  6. exeter-loyal

    2017 home shirt

    Does anyone have the home shirt from the 2017 season? Interested in adding this shirt to my collection if anyone can help me....
  7. exeter-loyal

    Home shirt

    Posting this thread in the main forum as not many people look at the club shop section. Does anyone have the 2007 home shirt thats not being used and just sitting there as part of a collection...
  8. exeter-loyal

    Play off merch

    Anyone know of anyone that might have stock of flags and scarves from the 2017 & 2018 play off finals. Interested if anyone has this to sell? Cheers...