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  1. flakey pasty

    Lincoln City

    Bloody hell. They can teach other L2 teams a thing or two about time wasting next season. They've taken it to a whole new level. Let's hope we're not in this league by then ......
  2. flakey pasty

    Christmas 2015

    Merry Christmas to all supporters of the best football club on the planet. Exeter City.
  3. flakey pasty

    Centre half for next season

    It's well known that Tis likes re-signing players - guys that he knows and can trust. It now looks possible that either Carlisle or Cheltenham (or even both) could get relegated - which would mean that Troy and Matt Taylor could well be two of our transfer targets. I rate both of them highly...
  4. flakey pasty

    Grecian Player App

    Have just downloaded this app. Video works well but no sound. Anyone else having this problem? Volume is turned up on my iPad. Any suggested remedies?
  5. flakey pasty

    ECFC podcast

    I'm a bit surprised that this doesn't get more time on Exeweb. It's a good listen most weeks and deserves a bit more publicity. Well done to those who take time to put it together!
  6. flakey pasty

    Exeter City vs Shrewsbury Town Matchday Thread

    Return of the Ginge. Come on you reds!!!!
  7. flakey pasty

    Exeter City vs Wycombe Wanderers Matchday Thread

    After my creditable away draw on Saturday, I'll start this thread off as well. COYR!!!!!
  8. flakey pasty

    Southend Utd vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Come on, City. Let's get back to winning ways today. Sadly can't make it myself but will be glued to GP.
  9. flakey pasty

    Bloody weather

    It's absolutely chucking it down here in Twickenham. Shirley not another cancellation.
  10. flakey pasty

    Merry Xmas Everybody

    I wish City fans everywhere a happy and peaceful Christmas. Let's hope it's going to be a great 2014 for the most wonderful football club in the world. See you all at Cheltenham. COYR!!!
  11. flakey pasty

    Pompey vs Exeter City Mathchday thread

    Was there the last time we played there in the league, when we got hammered 3-2. Hoping for better this time ........
  12. flakey pasty

    toilet roll

    Anyone else remember this game? An evening match. Against Newport County. Alan Banks through on goal towards the St James Road end. His legs get tangled in a toilet roll .... he manages to break free, runs on and slots the ball beyond the keeper into the net. Goal. I think we won 2-1. Please...
  13. flakey pasty

    If you're all going to orient clap.......

    Me for starters ....Can't wait.
  14. flakey pasty


    Yeovil have just signed a new sponsorship deal with a construction company for £1.25m. Jeez ... how did they manage that? Our lil ol FlyBe deal is worth only a fraction of that. Isn't it?
  15. flakey pasty

    What an embarrassment .....

    ....... What a wasock ...... Herr Uwe Rossler deliberately trying to block the Notts Co player from taking a free kick. Thank goodness we've got a manager with a bit of dignity. (apart from calling their goalie w*nker at MKDons a couple of years back).
  16. flakey pasty

    Technical area

    Did anyone else see Tis gesture to SP to sit in the dugout and leave the technical area to himself? Interesting ...
  17. flakey pasty

    a year ago ....

    .... many of us on here were anticipating with dread the possibility of Argyle relegating us on our own patch at the end of the season .... Cheesy's crap ain't he?
  18. flakey pasty

    watery towels

    When I go to the gym, like I did this evening, I sometimes go for a swim - eleven lengths to be precise. To break the monotony of up going up and down, up and down, I dedicate each length to a member of the City team - basing my judgements on the form of individual players. Just to keep it...
  19. flakey pasty

    Red and White Bite Size

    Anyone else having difficulty in getting this programme about the ground development on GrecianPlayer? Do I get a prize for the first GP grumble of the new season? ;)
  20. flakey pasty

    our place

    I notice a comment from a reader in the E&E website complaining that the paper had spelt SJP 'St James's Park'. The reader said it should be 'St James' Park'. I thought it was plain 'St James Park'. Who is right? (Sorry if this sounds all a little Harry Hill)