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  1. contrabombarde

    Driving test experiences

    As Alistair said, worthy of a thread on its own. I’ll start the ball rolling. I was stationary at a junction and felt that there was a suitable gap in the traffic to proceed on to the main road. I started off just as a car was speeding from the left. The examiner grabbed the handbrake and shot...
  2. contrabombarde

    League 2 playoff final 28th May.

    Just a thought for those who may be thinking of travelling independently (should we be fortunate enough to get to the final) Think of booking trains now if you like to take a gamble. Advance tickets are much cheaper obviously and as the 28th is a public holiday you could still go should we not...
  3. contrabombarde

    Grimsby Town v Exeter City 24/02/18

    Haven't started one for ages, so hope that we can prove Lez right and bag another 3 points today. Best of luck to the travellers and wrap up warm. COYR.
  4. contrabombarde

    EFL Trophy: Plymouth Argyle v Exeter City Tuesday 3rd October.

    Should be a very interesting game especially now that our fortunes are very much reversed. Will we put out a reserve team or will we go all out to rub their nose in it?
  5. contrabombarde

    T.V. showing of E.C.F.C. V Blackpool Playoff Final.

    Just to help a technophobe does anyone know how I can watch this from Turkey?
  6. contrabombarde

    Exeter City v Notts County prediction thread

    We have earned a bit of breathing space today, so can we reach double figures with our points on Tuesday for our 10th game of the season? I am predicting a rare home win and renewed optimism all round. 3-0 to City Rubén Reid x2 and an own goal from County. Attendance 3032
  7. contrabombarde

    Cambridge United vs Exeter City match day thread.

    I shall be there to cheer the lads on, the weather looks especially cold with sleet and a strong north wind, so wrap up well if you are going. I live in hope for a win today as we often do well here. C.O.Y.R.
  8. contrabombarde

    York Tuesday 16th Feb:

    Anyone up for this?.....I suggested to my other half that we perhaps could visit our daughter in York on the 15th for a couple of days and she jumped at it. In a day or two I'll casually mention that by a strange coincidence I have just noticed that City are away to York, so no transport...
  9. contrabombarde

    Morecambe v Exeter City prediction thread.

    Well after all the excitement of the past few days someone had to start this. Will this be "after the Lord Mayors Show" or will it be the start of a new phase of good results? I predict something in between with a 1-1 draw with Tom keeping himself in the limelight. Attendance 2932 with 104...
  10. contrabombarde

    Plymouth Argyle word scramble.

    Having a quiet evening and thought I would like to share the following anagrams of Plymouth Argyle. Goal purely myth. Ply male yoghurt. Gay Hotel rumply. Royalty leg hump. Partly glue horny. Play mother ugly. Strangely there don't appear to be any complimentary ones.
  11. contrabombarde

    Accrington Stanley vs Exeter City matchday thread.

    Whatever happened to the midnight race to start these threads?...........Anyway here goes. Let's hope for a resounding win to consolidate our good start. I shall be there to cheer on the lads on what looks like being an excellent day. Hope the football matches the weather. U.T.C.
  12. contrabombarde

    Concern for Exeweb friends

    I realise that we don't all see eye to eye on here always but shouldn't we keep an eye out for our chums? Mystery of Arizona highway sniper 11 September 2015 Last updated at 01:55 BST US police are investigating four suspected highway shootings in the US city of Phoenix, the latest in a series...
  13. contrabombarde

    Portsmouth V Exeter City Match Day Thread.

    Let's hope that we can bag all three points today. Looking forward to listening on Grecian Player later. Safe travelling for the away fans. C.O.Y.R.
  14. contrabombarde

    Exeter City vs Carlisle United Matchday Thread.

    Why is no one starting this on the stroke of midnight anymore?......Anyway here's to a cracking City win with a fistful of goals and maybe some Harley magic too. There's plenty of time left for Christmas shopping so fill the Park today. C.O.Y.R.
  15. contrabombarde

    Accrington Stanley V Exeter City Matchday Thread.

    Never started one of these before. This should be a potentially very interesting line-up. Here's hoping for a great City result. Safe travelling to our fans and bring back three points please.
  16. contrabombarde

    Coventry v Exeter City (J.P.T.) Matchday Thread.

    Surprised this was not started before midnight again to maintain our luck, Best of luck to the lads and safe travelling for our supporters.
  17. contrabombarde

    Cambridge United v Exeter City prediction thread.

    With the new found optimism I am predicting a 3-1 win for City on Tuesday night. This was the score the first time ever I saw City play in 1973 when I was working in Cambridge. 127 devoted City fans attending.
  18. contrabombarde

    Disparate periodicals.

    My wife is away and I am bored and was just wondering if anyone could beat me in having two totally different magazines delivered to your door. I am a regular subscriber to Organists' Review (probably the most anorak type magazine on earth) I also subscribe to Viz magazine (a mixture of toilet...
  19. contrabombarde

    Grecian Player

    Just a reminder to any tight fisted souls like myself who pay monthly and only use it for listening to our matches,then now is a good time to cancel your subscription. It is very easy to renew at the start of the season. I notice too that there is also a new scheme where you can suspend your...
  20. contrabombarde

    Hartlepool United v Exeter City score and team selection prediction thread.

    It's that end of term feeling and we are safe and only have our pride to play for. Will it be a time for experimentation with some of the young ones starting , or will it be back to the same old line up and stale tactics.? I will go for the latter and a boring 0-0 draw. 147 intrepid Grecians.