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  1. St George

    Harley returns to Bristol,

    to live. Let the rumours begin!
  2. St George

    The Wonder Stuff

    The classic song size of a cow was on the radio earlier which got me thinking have i been drunk a thousand times? Been a regular drinker for twenty years now so would have to of been drunk once a week on average. Sadly i've probbly ****** past the 1000 mark! Vaugely remember having a drunken...
  3. St George

    Ricky Hatton and Frank Bruno

    Went to see an evening with Ricky Hatton last night and what a brilliant time. Frank was very good and open about his life and problems but Ricky was hilarious. Brilliant stand up routine mixed in with stories of his fights and life. Took the **** out of his weight and the song which he walked...