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  1. contrabombarde

    FA Cup 2020/21

    Wednesday are deep in the relegation zone of the Championship which makes them run of the mill League one, this coupled with their confidence should fill us with confidence. We should win this.
  2. contrabombarde

    December 2020 Points Prediction Thread

    01/12 A Grimsby 1-1 D 05/12 A Cheltenham 0-0 D 12/12 H Tranmere 3-1 W 15/12 H Harrogate 2-1 W 19/12 A Stevenage 1-0 L 26/12 H FGR: 4-3 W 29/12 A Newport 0-1 W 14 Points
  3. contrabombarde

    Exeter City Vs Colchester United Matchday Thread

    My mate here in Norfolk just saw the result and texted me to ask if we had hired Watkins back for the day. 🤣
  4. contrabombarde

    Exeter City Vs Colchester United Matchday Thread

    Well done lads! That is a great addition for our goal average
  5. contrabombarde

    Why did I bother buying that?

    When in America I bought a Stetson thinking I would look cool. Arrived home, looked in the mirror and looked an absolute tw::t in it. Still gathering dust.
  6. contrabombarde

    Exeter City v Oldham Official match day thread

    Apparently he has received a warning about this but he blew it.
  7. contrabombarde

    Things you dont see anymore

    Here's one...
  8. contrabombarde

    Things you dont see anymore

    Strange coincidence that,I was only talking about the old crepe decorations yesterday. On a similar topic I was talking to a cycling friend this morning and we remembered the old dynamos that had a knurled wheel which was turned by the tyre. He apparently still has one in his shed!
  9. contrabombarde

    Exeter City vs West Brom U21 - EFL Trophy - Match day thread

    Yes I was thinking the same...very competent and knowledgeable about our players. Good rapport with co commentator too who also knows his stuff.
  10. contrabombarde


    Ollie Watkins....he went to Villa via us (virus) 🤣
  11. contrabombarde

    The Official Exeter City v AFC Fylde FA Cup 1st Round Matchday Thread

    Fylde have nothing to lose and we will catch them on the break ( hopefully!)
  12. contrabombarde

    The Official Exeter City v AFC Fylde FA Cup 1st Round Matchday Thread

    I am always a bit uneasy with these potential banana skins and still have a bad memory going back to Alvechurch. So let's be positive and hope for a comfortable win. Don't forget it's a 1pm KO... COYR
  13. contrabombarde

    Exeter City v Scunthorpe United Match Day Thread.

    YeH I heard that too :ROFLMAO: and just looking up Harry Lee’s ECFC biography apparently he was born in 1901
  14. contrabombarde

    Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD)

    Yes it really is a well documented condition and much more prevalent than previously thought. There are special lamps available which you can buy which apparently help. As a previous sufferer I have spent the past few years in Turkey January and February but obviously this is not possible this...
  15. contrabombarde

    Things you dont see anymore

    On a similar theme but probably “ Things you don’t hear anymore “ Ambulances and Fire engines ringing a bell on their way to an emergency. (really showing my age now!)
  16. contrabombarde

    News Story of the week (a humorous look at the news)

    Stirling Moss more likely with size 9 platforms.