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  1. finetime

    The summer transfers thread

    Might be good to keep all these in one place. Ones that have cropped up so far: Villa to Barcelona. Interesting forward signing and it looks like they will revert to the Barca of 09 'Eto'o style' rather than Ibrahimovich '10, although Villa has a better all-round game than the African and...
  2. finetime

    Happy Birthday Arsene

    Love or loathe him he's developed some wonderful teams / players. Arsenal are still the only premiership team I'll pay to go and watch just for the football. Some brilliant quotes here:,17033,8750_5643990,00.html Where's Peter Reid when you need him.. :)
  3. finetime


    It really is the definition of the beautiful game. Watch the fourth goal: :)
  4. finetime

    Patrice Evra

    Last night was the best display from a fullback I can remember. Tenacious in defence, always linking up with midfield and overlapping, willing to take on a man, cross from deep and the byline and always offering his centreback a pass whilst rarely giving the ball away. Every time I see the guy...
  5. finetime

    Steve Bruce

    Doing a fine job. I'm not a big fan of teams with no history but backed by wealth and staying in the PL by nothing more than the financial difference a few years staying up give you but I'm really warming to Wigan and Bruce. He's got a real eye for signings, his teams play good football and he...
  6. finetime

    Centre of Excellence Lag

    Since watching City (95 onwards) the youth system has always been very disappointing with talented players with no physique (Breslan), bad attidude (Holloway), or ones who just flattered to decieve and ended up going backwards. The centre of excellence got set up and did sqat for years but now...
  7. finetime

    Footballers that you wished you saw play but were too young

    For me - John Charles because everything I read about the guy as a person and a player I like. To still be voted best foreign player by juve fans is an incredible achievement. Mario Kempes - What an all-round striker. Fantastic technique, hard to pick up wiht him dropping deep, excellent shot...
  8. finetime

    The football highlights thread

    Any games you've seen recently - post the highlights! Arsenal 6 - 0 Sheffield United Tasty..
  9. finetime

    Avram Grant

    I've been pretty vocal on my dislike of all things Chelski but I take my hat off to Avram Grant over the way he has conducted himself this season. In the Champions League Semi's, reached the final of the Carling Cup and only losing 3 in the league is a fantastic achievement, FA cup aberration...