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  1. Corey

    Transfer Rumours 2020

    If we’re looking for a striker, Omar Bogle might be worth a look. After Stockley has joined Charlton, he’s been bumped down to something like 5th choice striker there. Had a brilliant record for Grimsby when he was last at this level and despite not many minutes since, he has still scored quite...
  2. Corey

    Transfer Rumours 2020

    We haven’t scored many recently because we’ve hardly played recently. Having been so prolific for most of the season, it’s a bit hasty to assume that just because the goals have dried up in the 3/4 games that it will continue for the rest of the season.... As has been said, we have a fantastic...
  3. Corey

    Transfer Rumours 2020

    Imagine that would be a loan then as he only signed for Fleetwood in September...
  4. Corey

    FA Cup 2020/21

    Would’ve had an away trip to Goodson if we had won 😒
  5. Corey

    Exeter City v Sheffield Wednesday FA Cup 3rd round proper matchday thread

    Just seen the goal and that is horrific from McArdle 🙈😣
  6. Corey

    Exeter City v Sheffield Wednesday FA Cup 3rd round proper matchday thread

    Allowed to make 5 subs but only get 3 opportunities to do so.
  7. Corey

    Transfer Rumours 2020

    Also many examples of players it didn’t work out so well for...
  8. Corey

    Transfer Rumours 2020

    Obviously Celtic are a massive club and it would be a great move for him, but the thing is it leaves very little room for improvement. Due to the standard of the Scottish League, top teams in England would be unwilling to take a risk on him, even if he does do well, whereas it would be much...
  9. Corey

    Sheffield Wednesday suspend training

    There were COVID issues in the Wimbledon team before their first round tie against Barrow, and that game was just postponed until the Thursday before the second round fixtures, and was still played.
  10. Corey

    January 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    Going for the hat trick! Though to be honest, we definitely will not end up playing all of these games, but we’ll see: 02/01 A Barrow 1-3 W 12/01 H Bolton 3-2 W 16/01 A Harrogate 1-1 D 23/01 H Stevenage 4-0 W 26/01 H Morecambe 1-2 L 30/01 A Carlisle 0-1 L 10 Points
  11. Corey

    December 2020 Points Prediction Thread

    Wahey! Not my most glamorous win but I’ll take it! 🤣
  12. Corey

    Stevenage game

    The first 3 were in the 16/17 season, and our opening day victory at home to Carlisle was 18/19, Matt Taylor’s first game, so they were a year apart.
  13. Corey

    January Window - What do we need - Buy or Loan

    Unless anyone leaves in January (probably Randall or Randell) I think we have a very good squad, especially at League 2 level. Only area I would like to see us strengthen if funds are available is at CB. Wouldn’t be against a loan signing but as has already been mentioned, they would be...
  14. Corey

    Exeter vs Northampton Pizza Trophy prediction thread

    Who would you suggest starts in goal Pete?
  15. Corey

    Grimsby Town V Exeter City Match Day Thread Tuesday 1st December 2020 7.00 p.m. kick off

    Feel like Williams’ performances have been improving over the last couple of weeks, and now he’s got the goals to show for that. Still obviously hasn’t hit the levels of last season though and would like to see more from him.
  16. Corey

    December 2020 Points Prediction Thread

    01/12 A Grimsby 1-1 D 05/12 A Cheltenham 1-2 L 12/12 H Tranmere 3-2 W 15/12 H Harrogate 2-1 W 19/12 A Stevenage 3-1 W 26/12 H Forest Green Rovers 1-1 D 29/12 A Newport 2-2 D 12 Points
  17. Corey

    Gillingham FA Cup Build Up Thread

    Wasn’t as bothered about the FA Cup this year with fans not being able to attend, but now that it seems that we will be able to attend (even if in small numbers) I am just as excited about the FA Cup and the prospect of a big tie as usual! Love the FA Cup me.
  18. Corey

    Transfer Rumours 2020

    The point I was making is that in the summer, it was mentioned that we should bring him in on loan, and now a few months later he is wanted by Borussia Dortmund, so is clearly out of our league!
  19. Corey

    Transfer Rumours 2020 😂
  20. Corey

    City v Colchester (Tuesday) build up thread.

    Would like to see: (GK) Iceman (CB) Sweeney (CB) McArdle (CB) Hartridge (RWB) Williams (CM) Law (CM) Collins (CM) Jay (LWB) Sparkes (ST) Bowman (ST) Ajose But could see Randall coming in for Ajose and playing centrally and/or Jake Taylor coming in for Law Collins or Jay. Could also see the...